December 2015 Blog Posts (4)

How to change the world in 3 easy steps - by Nafeez Ahmed

I often get asked by people about what they can do to change things, to change the world, when each of us is just one person, in the face of so much that we cannot even hope to control or influence.

What can we do? Why bother, given our powerlessness?

As we look back on…


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What I learned from Podemos - by Owen Jones

What I learned from Podemos

I’ve spent nearly a week a travelling Spain — and the nations that make it up, like Catalonia and Galicia — with Podemos, an anti-austerity party that has enjoyed an explosive rise after being founded two years ago. The Podemos project and its strategies cannot be simply imported into other countries. New left movements and parties and how they pan out are specific to the…


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How Banks Create Money Out of Nothing, and Why It Matters by Geoff Davies

For most people the question of where money comes from is probably a bit mysterious, that is if the question ever even occurs to them. They might recall that notes and coins are produced at a mint, owned by the government. However notes and coins comprise only a small percentage of the money circulating in a modern economy. The rest exists only as accounting entries in banks and other places. In other words it exists only as numbers in computers. How does all this money come into…


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Once again Parliament fails the people - this time over Syria

Parliament’s vote to join in the bombing of targets in Syria, with a majority made respectable only with the backing of 66 pro-war Labour MPs, will do nothing to defeat Islamic State (Isis) and everything to stoke international tensions and a drive to war.

The vote also shows once again how out of touch Parliament is. A majority of UK citizens remain opposed to the bombing and most do not think that they will make Britain’s streets any safer from an Isis-led attack along the lines…


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