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Can George Osborne be an MP and an editor? Let the people decide - Martin Bell

Being a member of parliament is a full-time job – as I know from my personal experience, as George Osborne’s predecessor. Being a newspaper editor is also a full-time job. Giving external advice and speeches, however well remunerated, also takes time. Doing all three together, it seems to me, would require the…


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Britain is in chaos and now the Tories may destroy the union - Owen Jones

Tell you what, I haven’t half enjoyed all this stability David Cameron promised at the last election. “Britain faces a simple and inescapable choice,” he tweeted solemnly, “stability and strong government with me, or chaos with Ed Miliband.”

Who needs The Walking Dead: if you ever want to scare yourself for kicks, imagine the chronic instability we would now be living through if Miliband had become prime minister.…


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Philip Hammond gave us a budget for tax avoiders and giant firms - John McDonnell

This week’s budget revealed the government’s true priorities. It’s not about supporting workers or small businesses. It’s a government for tax avoiders and giant corporations. Phillip Hammond was boasting about the continuing cuts to taxes for corporations and the super-rich, now totalling…


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Without migrants our public services would grind to a halt - Mark Serwotka

It is understandable in times of austerity that people are fearful and worried. The country is in the grip of a crisis in living standards and job security, and years of cuts have led to overstretched and underfunded public services, forcing us to compete for access.

Many people, echoing the myths churned out by much of the media, are blaming immigration and freedom of movement.…


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Budget squeezes the middle leaving the corporations untouched

Unable to find ways of getting the global corporations like Google, Apple and Facebook to pay taxes in the UK, chancellor Philip Hammond’s stop-gap budget instead turns the screw on ‘ordinary working people’ and small businesses.

Hours before the budget announcement came…


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'Defend NHS with all your might', Corbyn urges demonstrators # Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn has told tens of thousands of demonstrators to “defend the NHS with all of your might” at a protest march through central London.

Organised to warn that further funding cuts in the health service…


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If Music be the food of change, play on

How can music create political change?

I've often wondered, often tried, often got it wrong and sometimes got it right. From helping articulate anti-Thatcher rage with a street band through protest songs, to running a big community musical about the cotton industry's exploitation of both black and white labour, I've tried to use music to bring political change.

Right now I'm creating a piece of musical theatre about the Balfour Declaration. Some people know the story very well,…


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Option Six: A Europe of Democracy and Social Justice - Paul Mason

The White Paper by Jean-Claude Juncker on 1 March 2017 is a poor answer to the crisis of the European Union. In…


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Seth Meyers invites a ‘rogue scientist’ to debunk climate denial of Cruz and Trump - Joe Romm

Dr. Ben Santer is one of the world’s top climate scientists. But you may not have heard of this MacArthur “genius” since, like most scientists, he is unassuming, low-key, and fact-oriented — qualities that don’t generally appeal to the…


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A Post-Mortem on the Post-Mortem - Darrell Kavanagh

It is 5 days since the by-elections at Stoke and Copeland. Predictably, the results have led to an explosion of angst amongst opponents of Jeremy Corbyn. And some of his supporters are worrying about how things are going. This article is an attempt to analyse one of the main…


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Why I won’t be giving up the fight for a socialist Labour Party - Jeff Goulding.

I’d like you to picture a scene. A father and son are hunched over their beers. They’re embroiled in a sometimes heated political debate. Strangely their politics are in complete alignment. Both are socialists. They are each sick of living in a society where greed and private profit…


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Labour won Stoke. Jamie Reed lost Copeland - Paul Mason

For socialists in the Labour Party it will be a relief that the Blairite plan to stage two electoral disasters on one night failed. Nobody can claim losing Copeland was Jeremy Corbyn’s “fault”: the fault lies with the careerist right-winger who abandoned the seat in mid-session to take a…


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How a Ruthless Network of Super-Rich Ideologues Killed Choice and Destroyed People’s Faith in Politics - George Monbiot

The events that led to Donald Trump’s election started in England in 1975. At a meeting a few months after Margaret Thatcher became leader of the Conservative party, one of her colleagues, or so the story goes, was explaining what he saw as the core beliefs of conservatism. She snapped…


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The World’s First Poor Rich Country - Unair Haque

What’s the biggest event of our lifetimes, as far as political economy goes? ISIS, Brexit, the EU? No.

Today I came across a startling statistic: US life expectancy is falling to reach Mexico’s. It’s another confirmation: the US is going to be the world’s first poor rich country. That’s the biggest political economic event of our lifetimes: the unprecedented fall of a rich country, once the world’s richest, to become a…


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How the Fed went from lender of last resort to destroyer of American wealth - Danielle DiMartino Booth

With a few exceptions, virtually all of those at the meeting were PhD economists who had earned doctorates at MIT, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and other top American universities. They met under the auspices of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the decision-making body of the…


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Trump to Pull Out of the UN, Expel It from the US?

ROME, Jan 24 2017 (IPS) - So far, Donald Trump’s first decisions as president of the United States have left no doubt that he intends to implement his electoral threats, while most likely not fulfilling the promises he made as a candidate.

Barely 48 hours after his inauguration as the 45th president of the United States, a shocking report was circulated saying that “A bill was introduced early January that calls for the removal of the United States from the…


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Are you a renter or a frequent mover? Don’t forget to Register to vote.- Cabinet Office

Frequent movers are one of the least likely groups of electors to be registered to vote in the UK.

It is estimated that the proportion of private renters who are registered to vote is 63%, compared to homeowners who are around 94%.

The challenges we face with transient populations are becoming more difficult to address especially in our inner city areas. Manchester, for example,…


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How corporate dark money is taking power on both sides of the Atlantic - George Monbiot

It took corporate America a while to warm to Donald Trump. Some of his positions, especially on trade, horrified business leaders. Many of them favoured Ted Cruz or Scott Walker. But once Trump had secured the nomination, the big money began to recognise an unprecedented…


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World War Zero Is the World Preparing for War? - Umair Haque

Mikhail Gorbachev thinks the world is “preparing for war”. What do you think? You’ve considered it by now, that much is certain. Let us try as best we can to answer the question: is the world gearing up for war?

Wars are often seen as…


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Trump: from democracy to tyranny

So, Donald Trump is now President of the United States of America, and its Commander-in-Chief.

In his inaugural speech, Trump made no reference to his party, Congress, or any other means by which he expects to accomplish the sweeping change he…


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