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Millions; billions and trillions

At todays conference there was talk of millions of pounds, and trillions of pounds. I don't know about you but I find it hard to imagine what these numbers mean in real life. I came across the attached images that help you get a perspective on the numbers, just in case zero's and noughts don't work. 

The top picture is 1 million, the next is 1 billion and the next 1 trillion.



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NatCAN Conference 23 Feb 2012

For those of you who don't use twitter, couldn't make it, or want to reflect back on the conference, here are the tweets from today (they read top to bottom) from page 2:

A huge thanks to Joe and others for organising such a great event, and to inspiring and thought-provoking speakers: David Malone, Tim… Continue

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If public spending is being cut why isn't council tax?

f public spending is being cut why isn't council tax?

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"Political Correctness."


My knowledge base is lacking, in relation as to whether or not Internationally, the term being Politically Correct and the absolute madness it fosters here in OZ, is comparable ???

The main aim of  PC here in OZ is to support and initate the demise of anything that is traditionally known as Australian (to pc this constitutes being a racist) in some instances Religion (no Happy Christmas must be happy Holiday because otherwise it's discrimination) No more chairmen or chair…


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Nurturing informal relationships

Community engagement in the social eco-system dance is an absolutely fantastic paper written by activist and NatCAN member Eileen Conn. I first read this paper about 5 weeks ago and I've been reflecting on it and talking about it a lot.

The …


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Stronger communities- Reasons To Be Cheerful

“For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow”. (Ecclesiastes 1:18) 

“The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear” .(Antonio Gramsci,Selections from the Prison Notebooks

“I’m a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will”. (Antonio Gramsci, Letter from Prison , 19 December…


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Excellent demolition of Bankers defence of high wages/bonuses by Polly Toynbee, on Today programme this morning.

Boy, it's blood boiling time again. When I hear such articulate, concise and clear demolition of Bankers defence of high wages/bonuses, I rejoice, but it's also so frustrating as still don't believe this message is being heard enough.

It feels like we've got such an open door to push at but where is means through which we will get this done? How can all the disparate voices come together to effect…


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24th Jan Webinar - still without a microphone

Dear All,

Last night I nearly indulged in what my grandma used to do everyday at work. She worked in the Carding Room at the local Mill and it was so loud she used to be able to mime or meemaw with other mill workers. She used to meemaw across the street to her friend Mrs Iddon and use it to talk about 'unmentionable's' when she didn't want me to hear. Anyhow at the Webinar my microphone packed in and I was tempted to meemaw but it was bad enough looking at myself on…


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For Insurgency: The Case Against Partnership.

The following article has been published by the NCIA at


This, we are told, is an era of ‘partnership’ requiring government, business and voluntary and community organisations to cooperate for the common good.   Partnership is the solution to everything from poverty…


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The End Of Capitalism As We Know It

Something is happening in the world economy that has not happened before within historical memory. It concerns the future of nation states of the world – all of them.

It concerns a way in which state activity is essential to capitalism.

You won’t hear this from orthodox economists and commentators for they do not take account of the way that money creation distorts the operation of the “free” economy. And they do not appreciate why the creation…


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CLG Regeneration toolkit - updated


Interesting that the Government state they have been busy putting spending decisions into local hands; Birmingham Council state in their 2012 Budget public consultation document that they only control 35% of the budget, the other 65% is allocated to nationally controlled expenditure (making you wonder what…


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Our Wish List For 2012

Although the things we wish for the coming year we are unlikely to get in just 12 months, let's remind ourselves at the beginning of a new year what are the results we are actually aiming for...

  • reduce poverty and excessive…

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Consumer Credit Act 1974, Credit Agencies, Personal Information and the ‘Regulators’

Consumer Credit Act 1974, Credit Agencies, Personal Information and the ‘Regulators’

I am writing this to express my utter frustration, anger and resentment against the way that consumers either individuals or small companies are treated in this country. Unfortunately ‘data controllers’ quite often get it wrong when it comes to your personal and/or financial information.  First of all they charge you £10 to have this disclosed since the Data Protection Act 1990 allows them to…


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Occupy Lancaster Illegal evictions

Click links below for media reports.

Note... the building was not barricaded as people had been entering and leaving up to 2mins before cordon was put round building (3 hours after police first arrived), and section 6 legal notice of squatting had been clearly affixed to door and no evidence was produced by police to indicate that criminal damge had occurred during entry.…


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Worth a listen?

David Cameron's Big Idea, Radio4, 1.30pm Sunday 8th January - part one (of three).




Found this while doing the annual email tidy out…


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Some Thoughts On The Stephen Lawrence Convictions

Yesterday's announcement of the conviction of racist thugs Gary Dobson and David Norris for the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993 led to a busy afternoon of messages from activist friends and some mixed feelings, including a certain amount of ambivalence that I know others shared.

The phone calls came because Newham Monitoring Projectplayed a…


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What We Want

Positive Money believes that we are in a crisis because so few of us, including policy makers, economists, journalists and ordinary people, truly understand how our monetary system works. This is a dangerous situation to be in when money drives almost all activity on the planet.

Unless we make significant changes to the way our banking and monetary system works, we will see further financial crises, rising debt and poverty, worsening inequality and faster environmental…


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The Changing Britain Vision.

Like many here (and elsewhere) I also believe that things have gone too far. For too long I have posted comments describing my frustration to various guestbooks etc., without ever really making a difference.

However, past experience has taught me that commitment, drive and energy are required in order to make real and lasting change.

I am determined to work with others to turn this country around. Why? Because there are so many things wrong with the UK, on so many levels that…


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CLG - Community Budgets, announced


"The pilots will create a joint team with local partners, aided by Government officials and the Local Government Association to establish their devolved budget proposals with decision making structures for a locally run operation during…


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When the big society says No.

You don't have to squint too hard to join the dots between economic austerity measures and the policies of the big society. As austerity begins to bite, the government's fantasy armies of unpaid volunteers will emerge from the gloom to fill the inevitable gaps. Stop laughing at the back.

It's easy to mock. In fact it's essential. But it's not enough. I've long had the impression that many in the community & voluntary sector see themselves as passive participants or recipients of…


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