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Bobby On The Tweet - Social Media, Community Policing and Engagement in the 21st Century

The recent Liam Stacey case where a member of the public was jailed for 56 days for use of abusive, racist and threatening language has raised many questions about the emergence of Twitter and other forms of social media in a stable and cohesive society.  We clearly live in an information age unlike any previously experienced   with rolling 24/7 news output across several media, the internet in the palm of ones hand and the ability to communicate with millions across any time zone and all…


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I am an Activist- Anita Roddick

I came across this and it seems grand!

Have a look and see if it floats your boat

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The Walled City of Kowloon

Okay, forget the fact this article is from a Skyscraper enthusiasts website (!) - it's a fascinating read, and shows how people don't need to be organised to within an inch of their lives by governments, they organise themselves.  Yes, there is activity which may possibly infringe people's human rights - certainly I can see my local community safety partnership doling out ASBOs left, right and centre - but these people took care of themselves and their own - isn't that the Big…


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From Joe's very useful researches on Neoliberalism (at

The root problem is that not one single country on this planet takes ecological sustainability seriously.  We are globally consuming about 40% more of our natural capital every year than the ecosystem can replenish.  If we want to survive as a species, then the first step is to acknowledge the facts. Either we say in collective denial of the facts…or we start taking ecological sustainability seriously and change our high consumption lifestyles.

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NEF's take on a solution:

Ending the crisis – the first steps

To break the crisis, two things need to happen. First, austerity must end. It is counterproductive, but it is followed because finance holds the upper hand. That means ending the swingeing spending cuts and looking to public investment to create sustainable jobs. Second, debts will need to be written off. They are the product of a bloated, crippled financial system and the rest of European society should not be expected to bear…


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Political education!

"Take every penny you have set aside in aid to Tanzania, and spend it in the UK explaining to people the facts and causes of poverty."
Julius Nyerere, first president of Tanzania

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Britons as a whole, not just the rich, have not been prepared to pay enough tax since the 80s and have consistently voted against more public expenditure.

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Is it just me?

More of those 'is it just me' moments. Attended the SCIPS AGM today, which was definitely worth getting out of bed for, even on a Saturday morning, and on Grand National day!  Informative presentation from council cabinet member for housing about his plans for 2012; followed by another councillor talking about how to lever in external funding to the borough.  I know it's nothing new, but don't you just tut when council bods talk about working in partnership with the voluntary + community…


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Sustainable development

Planning structure explained, inc. discussion about neighbourhood plan.


Thought I posted this link earlier, but must have forgotten to press 'publish post' button - it's sort of good news, I think... another Henry Ford product?…


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CLG mini-site

just in case you fancy taking over the town hall, or something, and need to know where to start. 

CLG tell us for the nth time how empowered we all are now ...

It's like the Charge of the…


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Interesting stuff from Michael Sandel- The Public Philospher

Michael Sandel the Public Philospher

Have a listen to these Podcasts from the BBC. the BBC say" Political philosopher Professor Michael Sandel challenges an audience to apply some critical thinking to issues people usually rely on instinct to resolve. Recorded at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Professor Sandel debates issues such as education, social equality and…


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Critical Governance Conference - Call for Papers

Dear Colleagues


The second Critical Governance Conference ‘From Critique to Transformation? Critical Governance Studies in and beyond the Crisis’ will be held at the University of Warwick from Monday 10th – Wednesday 12th December 2012. 


We are privileged to have two outstanding keynote speakers: Professor Mike Power is Director of Accounting and Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Regulation at the LSE and among the most distinguished critical…


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BS Bank

I'd better check my Post Office savings account - last time I looked, it had 12/- in it!  [last deposit 1967]

Was at a business networking do at the weekend - Aston Reinvestment Trust were there - they're not lending much atm because 'third sector' organisations haven't got the…


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Patient leaders

This might be of interest to David Rudge who expressed an interest in co-production in health services, and anyone interested in the transformation of health, social care and public health.

Public health always seems to get tacked on as if it's a poor relation, yet if the social determinants and inequalities in health were tackled first, the burden on the health service would be reduced.  £60bn of public money is going to be given to GPs to chuck purple pills at us...…


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The Future of Identity - Foresight study


Interested to see who the rest of the 'experts' are.  Bet they won't be people who struggle with the notion of identity!  - wouldn't be experts if they didn't know the answers... or think they do.

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U-CAN (Universal Community Action Network)

Several years ago, I had been impressed with the work done by Community Action Network and its members.  In fact they inspired me but it wasn't until after seeing the film, The Secret (you either love it or hate it :), that I set up my website now known as Universal Community Action Network (U-CAN for short).


Slowly I have been making contact with others who want to help make this world a better place in which to live.  Anyone who thinks that a paradise earth will come about…


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Troubled Families

I met someone at an event in Brum last year who told me about this project before any national announcements; it sounded like a sound idea at the time, but my enthusiasm was definitely curbed after reading the CLG press release.  DWP sharing information with councils... that's so benefit can be docked if families refuse to toe the line?  Councils have…


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The Budget 2012: Let’s rearrange those deckchairs boys!

Budget day today, however, this is not the place for a full analysis of the ongoing deckchair rearrangement.

We here at Positive Money just wanted to remind Osborne, Cameron and Clegg that there is an alternative to selling off anything not nailed down (motorways don't need nailing).

In 1844 a Conservative government, lead by Sir Robert Peel, passed the 1844 Bank of England Bill. This Bill outlawed the creation of money by private banks, after they unsurprisingly went a…


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too many words

I can only speak for myself as I am only 1 in 7 billion.

I am against capitalism but regard money as a standard medium of exchange.

Percentages are used to disguise real money.

Compound interest causes slavery.

Heredity gives money to the worthless.

Soldiers are paid to murder.

Weapons are made to kill and destroy.

Financial services create no wealth.

Bankers are simply money lenders.

Insurers are gamblers.

The 'global…


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From Guardian Healthcare Network - coproduction

240 CCGs, 4 regional hubs, 50 local offices .. all of which will employ ex-PCT/SHA staff -- deckchairs ,,, Titanic ..?

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