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Boy Scout Movement now an arm of the State

Working with traffic wardens to monitor speeding drivers?!   When my brother was in the Scouts, Bob a Job was about raising money for the pack by doing jobs around people's houses - washing the car, mowing the lawn, shopping, that kind of thing.  Refurbishing old people's homes, graffiti removal is all very laudable, but strikes me as something somebody should be paid to do or…


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Rights, Justice and Democracy

The French philosopher and activist Michel Foucault once asked: how do we assert our democratic rights in a society that puts premium on constant and more subtle forms of surveillance?

See this interesting article

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Why have residents associations?

I set up RAUK to provide support and encouragement to people working together in any particular area in the UK to improve their local neighbourhood and community.  To see how people can work together to solve problems in their areas has been inspiring and so through this website I share as much information as possible.  Collating such information is extremely time-consuming although rewarding and so I am appealing to others…


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Global capitalism

I wrote this paper in 2010 and revisiting the main themes in light of current global issues. Any comments gratefully received.

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Application process for new local TV channel launched

 According to the Q&A, government wants local tv channels because "Local media is a vital part of local democracy. It can play a role in holding institutions to account, ensuring that local people are aware of what is going on in their local communities and helping them to understand the influence they can have."

Aw - bless. …


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Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Research considers the impact of employment changes on poverty targets by 2020

Have a look at this that came into my inbox. It's worth noting that the future isn't fixed and that we change it. What this research really shows is the stuff that's happening now isn't working too well and will have repercussions for the…


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The Dangers of Community Activism

Community activism is a truly wonderful thing to get involved in but there is a certain risk you run when you undertake such ‘work’.  I am one of the people who know this only too well, having had my activism on the subject on mental health blow up spectacularly in my face.

It was not exactly the plan, when I organised a depression awareness event at my local adult college where I am on the Board of Governors, for my life to be adversely affected by doing so; it just happened that…


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To whom does your rental income belong? More obvious proof at the 2012 Olympics

How many times have we explained clearly the primary injustice of society. That private property in land is modern day slavery incarnate. Slavery and Slavery.

The labour of the tenant or mortgage payer is commanded by the property owner, without giving their own labour in free exchange. Primary cause of all great social…

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Yes! Magazine in America

What a positive and hopeful, challenging and informative magazine. Have a look, it shows that there is a diversity of opinion in America!

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LA Riots 1992 - retrospective

Ok, it was the US, but similar tensions have underlaid (?) riots and disturbances within local communities in this country.  I've picked out a couple of comments that ought to be of particular interest to community activists and community development workers [and not forgetting the corps diplomatique either..]

- the comments…


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NatCAN book group

Following a great suggestion from Joe, I've started a NatCAN Book Group group, and would love folk to join me for a (roughly) monthly discussion of a book chosen by group members. …


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Murdoch's tentacles

I was so amazed at this interview of David Cameron, if I had been the interviewer I would have been compelled to go over to him and wave my hands over his head and say " amazing no strings"

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ICOCO At Ease With Each Other - Brave new world or a step back to the past?

ICOCO’s ‘At Ease With Each Other’ conference on community cohesion which took place Monday 23rd April in central London was, I believe, a step forward on the road to plain speaking and at looking at all sides of the race and immigration debate.

The events keynote speech was given by the Secretary of State For Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles, which was in some ways a damp squib with not much content relying mainly on sound bites.  At one point…


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Following on from Joe's update yesterday, I'm confused: is this situation about quality, competition or patient choice?

Looks like it's about quality from Novartis point of view, price from the NHS perspective, and no choice for patients - as per usual.

Must dig out all my articles about the future Local Health Service to remind myself about the role of NICE…


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Re: public involvement

I can't open the links to either of the documents mentioned in this article >

but just the introductory blurb will probably make some NATCAN members sit up and take note.. good luck with opening the links.      The…


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My local Mary Portas Pilot bid video - Prestwich

There are some great ones on youtube and rather inspiring too.  Of course having been involved heavily  myself in putting the the bid together with the rest of the great local residents and business people of Prestwich - many of whom are essentially activists who wish to effect change on a local level I have to say that ours is a brilliant video (and we managed to get on BBC Breakfast too).…


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Bobby On The Tweet - Social Media, Community Policing and Engagement in the 21st Century

The recent Liam Stacey case where a member of the public was jailed for 56 days for use of abusive, racist and threatening language has raised many questions about the emergence of Twitter and other forms of social media in a stable and cohesive society.  We clearly live in an information age unlike any previously experienced   with rolling 24/7 news output across several media, the internet in the palm of ones hand and the ability to communicate with millions across any time zone and all…


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I am an Activist- Anita Roddick

I came across this and it seems grand!

Have a look and see if it floats your boat

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The Walled City of Kowloon

Okay, forget the fact this article is from a Skyscraper enthusiasts website (!) - it's a fascinating read, and shows how people don't need to be organised to within an inch of their lives by governments, they organise themselves.  Yes, there is activity which may possibly infringe people's human rights - certainly I can see my local community safety partnership doling out ASBOs left, right and centre - but these people took care of themselves and their own - isn't that the Big…


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