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University-Community engagement

"Current policy pressures on universities to focus on improving their research excellence and to widen participation make it hard for them to engage meaningfully with excluded communities, according to research funded by…


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Pub is the Hub

Your chance to help populate this directory.



The Wolverhampton Express & Star mentioned a recent study which looked at community involvement - quite a depressing picture in the West Midlands.   I emailed asking them to tell me the name of the study.  They haven't replied, but I have since found out it was commissioned by Punch…


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New Homes for Daneshouse & Stoneyholme

Gleeson Homes are proposing to build 108 new homes in Daneshouse & Stoneyholme, 2,3 & 4 bedrooms with driveways, gardens & garages. There will be events next week starting Tues 13th 6-9pm at Burnley Boys & Girls Club, Weds 14th 10am-1pm Ladies Only and 6-9pm at Daneshouse & Stoneyholme Community Centre, Thurs 15th 6-9pm at Colne Rd. Library.

Please feel free to forward this information on


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"A fair deal for the voluntary and community sector - from Whitehall to town halls"


"Mr Pickles has also sought to cut reams of red tape on local councils to make it easier and more efficient for them to meet the needs of their residents. The Communities Secretary has scrapped 56 pages of prescriptive statutory guidance on local priorities introduced by the previous Government.

Instead, councils will have…


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"The Data Tsunami"


a role for community statties? 

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The revolution of capitalisation- point of view Sunday 4th Sept


An interesting ten minute listen. 



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"Tenants to be trained to take control of their neighbourhoods post-riots"


Good luck with that - if it's anything like being a parent governor sitting on a potential pupil exclusion panel!  [luckily, I don't speak from bitter experience: the parent/s couldn't be bothered to turn up ..]


other related stuff…


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Flash Mob! Feed the homeless at Ramadan


Communication ~ the way to enhance understanding. Food for thought...

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BLF - consultation


Want to respond to the BLF consultation but short of time?   You could just send this link to OCS, and say you concur with DSC and the comments below the main article (maybe excluding Walter…


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This is Community: Why The Clean-ups Are So Important


The analysis in the media of why the UK erupted in street violence last week have offered us a buffet of reasoning across the political spectrum.


We've been offered: greed, gangs, the recession, unemployment, bad parenting, cultural disintegration, harsh policing, lax policing, slack sentencing, attitudes, social norms, the media scandal, the banking…


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Birmingham Peace Rally - Sunday 14th August


3pm, Summerfield Park, for anyone in or near Brum later.


A bit more practical detail on the Chamberlain Forum site:

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2011 Local health profiles


The health profiles give information at local authority level, so give averages.   However, used in combination with ward level information produced by the local authority, you can get good snapshots of your own local area. 


Here's another…


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Riots, responsibility and rebuilding

The rioting that has taken place across London over the last few nights, and now seems to be spreading to other major English cities, makes me deeply worried and extremely sad. As fires rage, missiles rain down and the police try to restore order to our streets, I think about the damage being done to our communities and the work that will need to be done when the violence stops.


Theresa May described the violence as ‘sheer criminality’ and of course it is. A significant…


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"Can a community prosper if people keep moving house?"

Article on the BBC website about the impact on communities of proposed policy to give people short hold tenancies

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Cuts, dependency and neo-liberal nonsense

The results of information gathered from local authorities by campaign group False Economy on cuts to the voluntary and community sector attracted a lot of media attention yesterday. The news was filled with grim stories of local authorities cutting support to over 2,000 charities estimated to be in excess of £100m. False…


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Local HealthWatch pathfinders announced


9 in the West Midlands, but Brum isn't one of them! 


I thought there was a single Black Country LINk, but Walsall and Wolverhampton have got HW pathfinders, while Sandwell and Dudley haven't.   What's the status of the Black Country LINk now? 


Coventry is the only other urban pathfinder; the rest…


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Is there anybody home

Try this link


All you get is a blank white screen- no way to go forward or back, nothing you can do but sit there and study a big white blankness...


like nobody is home...


you get the same with…


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Three priorities for delivering community action

'delivering community action' sounds very neat and tidy - this is an update on the active safer communities programme/project


'The new home for community activism will mean no one will be more than two clicks away from simple, easy to use practical help and resources. Our great public servants will be able to get out of…


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