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Legal action threatened over disability cuts

Campaigners for disabled people are considering legal action against the Government over proposed cuts to Disability Living Allowance (DLA), they said today.  

full article can be found at legal action threatened over disability cuts

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CLG Plain Guide to Localism - updated



Duty to cooperate

Not all planning decisions can, or should, be made at a neighbourhood or local level. In many cases there are very strong reasons for neighbouring local authorities, or groups of authorities, to work together on planning issues in the interests of…


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Public Service: Not dead, not forgotten

In my last blog posting, I claimed that politics was presently moving away from the notion of win-win, towards win-lose politics where competition would replace cooperation and that key players would seek two or maybe three rounds of compete-punish-counterpunish.

I made this prediction based on the recent behaviour of greedy bankers, public service cuts and the backlash of protesters, strikes and job loses. I still believe…


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MPs squabblings on the localism bill


As you can see from this some coalition squabbles may slow this down and cause some bottlenecks but I'm sure it will be implimented on time 

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Government 2.0


Tim O’Reilly who championed Web 2.0, that provided the technical infrastructure for Social Media, has discussed the concept of a Government 2.0 which reviews how government should use of social media (web 2.0).He provides some ideas of how government can get its message across. Other authors (Robinson et al 2009) suggest the government should instead of spending time building websites and social media simply provide the data for communities to use and let the communities and…


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Future of money: A currency that's building community

There have been various techniques to integrate social communities through re-gentrification to pepper pot housing and the article includes a great idea of integrating a community that already exists.

Here is the link:


I'd be interested in any…


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More affordable homes under Right to Build initiative


You can see from this site the powers that could be used to help those people whose parents, grandparents etc have lived in the same area for…


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OCS - Strategic Partners programme


"The Office for Civil Society has laid out a detailed set of objectives for the charities receiving…


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Joint Strategic Needs assessment - IDeA toolkit


+ an online discussion next Wednesday morning


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Justice for all campaign

Marches about Legal Aid cuts organised for Friday 3rd June.




Listened to a short item on the cuts just now

should be available on iplayer later


In a nutshell, the move is towards more…


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Birmingham City Council social care case

Some of the media reports regarding the Birmingham city council social care case have not been all that clear in identifying the issue, and have even implied that many other councils will have to carry on making payments which they may have been planning to reduce or end.

This was a public law case in which the decision was judicially reviewed.  The council needs to cut public spending, and it decided to change the criteria for social care payments.  They propose to limit…


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A little bit of food for thought in the final paragraph - "But don't leave it all to Health Watch". 

The NHS reform programme has been put on hold temporarily - while the Government 'listens' [cart - horse - before - put]  If the high level objectives stay in…


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crackpot ideas

Over to the right of the main page are a number of recommended videos.  The bloke speaking in the top one, 'It has begun: Humanity's Immune Response,' wrote a book called Blessed Unrest.
Here's a couple of paragraphs taken from that book.

"All social justice organisations can trace their origins back some 220 years ago, when three-fourths of the world was enslaved in one form or another. In 1787 and dozen people began meeting in a small print…


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Can CAN ?

Now we've all survived the Rapture last Saturday, we've all been given a second chance to live how we want to (while disregarding any future end-of-the-world nutters) . So, dizzy with hope and lack of sleep here's my hopes for CAN, my ten Uncommandments ;


1. We stand together when communities are facing struggles - through NCAN we share the news about local struggles and whenever it feels right we get behind any local groups to help them

2. We look after each other -…


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The Rift in Society: The Challenge for Community Action

As someone with a science background, I tend to come at problems in community action in a peculiar way, so please bear with me!


The Theory

A great deal of human behaviour can be described in terms of Game Theory. For those unfamiliar with the term, Game Theory, simply put states that individuals or groups will, in the first instance, tend to…


Added by Andrew Climo on May 10, 2011 at 12:49 — 1 Comment

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