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How you can help the Windrush generation - The Guardian

From donating to protesting, here are some of the practical ways individuals can contribute

RAF officials welcome Jamaicans at Tilbury docks, in June 1948.

RAF officials from the Colonial Office welcome Jamaicans disembarked from the Empire Windrush at Tilbury docks, in June 1948. Photograph: PA

Call the Home…


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Amber Rudd's 10 days of contrition for Windrush scandal - The Guardian

A four-apology bonanza seems to have staved off the home secretary’s personal crisis – for now

Amber Rudd in Downing Street

By the time she stood up on Thursday to make her fourth apology for the Windrush fiasco in the space of 10 days, Amber Rudd’s contrition over the victims of the scandal was becoming quite…


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Stephen Lawrence murder: A timeline of how the story unfolded - BBC

As the 25th anniversary of the murder of teenager Stephen Lawrence approaches, his mother Doreen has suggested it is time for the police investigation to be closed.

It is one of the recent developments in the long-running story surrounding Stephen's murder in 1993.

Read the timeline to find out more about the case:

Stephen Lawrence

22 April 1993 - Stephen Lawrence murdered



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White supremacists Generation Identity plan to hold a secret conference in London. Anti-fascists aim to stop them - The Independent

Hundreds of people set to rally against a group now deemed the most active far-right organisation in the UK

Hundreds of people are set to rally against a “new breed” of white supremacism in London this weekend as racist group Generation Identity (GI) prepares to hold its first official conference on British soil.

The “Identitarian” movement, which propagates the far-right conspiracy theory that white people are becoming a…


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5 things you can do now to protect your Facebook data - Vox

You do have a little control over what you share with apps and advertisers.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has put data privacy on Facebook under the spotlight. The…


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Trans visibility is greater than ever – but that's a double-edged sword - The Guardian

Along with increased profile comes media hostility and divisive theoretical debates. Even so, there’s much to celebrate

Laverne Cox

“To you the press, I say shame, shame on all of you.” The words of Michael Singleton, coroner for Blackburn, Hyndburn and…


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Academy trusts use public money to pay 'unjustifiably' high salaries to bosses, MPs warn - The Independent

'Too often academy chains are falling short of high standards of governance, accountability and financial management and the Department for Education is too slow to react'

Academy trusts that pay their bosses “unjustifiably” high salaries could spend taxpayers’ money better on improving children’s education, MPs have said. 

Too often academy…


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Theresa May fails to guarantee women's refuges will not close amid funding overhaul - The Independent

Campaigners say four in 10 refuges could close if supported accommodation changes go ahead

Theresa May has failed to rule out the closure of some women’s refuges amid warnings from campaigners that a major funding shakeup could threaten the future of shelters for women fleeing violent partners.

In an interview on International Women’s Day, the Prime Minister was repeatedly pressed to…


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House of Commons denies staff work in ‘culture of fear’ - The Guardian

Allegations of bullying against several senior MPs unearthed by BBC Newsnight investigation

John Bercow, the House of Commons Speaker

The House of Commons has been forced to deny claims of bullying by several senior MPs including the Speaker John Bercow, amid claims staff work in “a culture of fear”.

Female clerks who work with MPs claimed to experience harassment…


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NHS staff offered 6.5% pay rise over three years if they forfeit day's holiday - The Guardian

Exclusive: £3.3bn deal nears for staff in England, eight years after last meaningful pay rise

A busy hospital ward

The government is set to offer around 1 million NHS staff a 6.5% pay rise over the next three years but is insisting that health workers give up a day’s holiday in return for the £3.3bn deal.

Ministers hope they are close to…


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Oxfam Haiti allegations: How the scandal unfolded - BBC

An Oxfam sign above one of its shops

Oxfam, one of the UK's biggest charities, has dominated the headlines in recent weeks following allegations its staff hired prostitutes while working overseas.

Since then, the story has continued to develop, with the Charity Commission launching a statutory inquiry - the most serious action it can take.

Oxfam - which has nearly 10,000 staff working in more than 90 countries - denies any cover-up.

Here is a summary of the…


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Liverpool plans referendum on 10% council tax rise - The Guardian

Mayor says ‘desperate’ council needs £90m over next three years amid government cuts

Liverpool’s mayor, Joe Anderson

The people of Liverpool could be asked to vote on whether they should pay up to 10% more council tax to help their “desperate” local authority maintain public services in the face of government cuts.

Joe Anderson, Liverpool’s mayor, wants to…


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Council tax rises on the way as local authorities try to stay afloat - The Guardian

95% of councils in England could increase charges in April, while some will cut services

A council tax bill

Local authorities in England are teetering on the edge of a financial crisis, with most planning to increase council tax from April while continuing to cut services, a survey has found.…


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Surrey, UK’s richest county, hit by £100m cash crisis - The Times

Nine out of ten authorities will go over budget

Surrey’s usable reserves have been vastly depleted since 2013

Britain’s richest county is facing a £100 million cash crisis as scores of councils struggle to close budget deficits, an investigation has found.

Surrey county council has one of the worst financial shortfalls in the country, according to research seen by The Times. The disclosure came as nearly every part of England warned of tax rises to make ends meet and…


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Number of council homes sold off under Right to Buy increases five-fold in six years after Tories lift cap - The Independent

Councils warn spiralling sell-off of low-cost homes is 'unsustainable' as Labour calls for scheme to be halted

The rapid loss of social housing because of the Right to Buyscheme has been laid bare after new figures revealed more than five times more homes are being sold now…


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Finsbury Park attack: man 'brainwashed by anti-Muslim propaganda' convicted - The Guardian

Darren Osborne is found guilty of terrorist killing outside mosque, triggering review of extreme right threat

A man “brainwashed” within a month by anti-Muslim propaganda has been found guilty of a murderous terrorist attack on worshippers leaving a mosque, triggering a complete review of the national security threat posed by the extreme right.

A jury took less than an hour to be convinced that Darren Osborne, 48, drove a van into a crowd of Muslims near a…


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After Carillion we have the chance to build a better country - The Guardian

The behemoth’s collapse should shatter taboos about borrowing and could herald a new era of public investment

Carillion cranes in Manchester

Sometimes a single event can destroy not one dogma but two. So it may prove with the collapse of Carillion, the…


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Esther McVey becomes DWP minister: Four alarming statements she's made about people on benefits - The Independent

Former TV presenter has said use of food banks is 'right' and benefit sanctions 'teach' job seekers to look for work seriously.

Esther McVey's appointment as Work and Pensions Secretary has been met with a backlash from MPs and campaigners over previous comments she has made in the past about benefit claimants.

The former TV…


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Families with stable jobs at risk of homelessness in Britain, report finds - Guardian

Nurses are among those ending up with nowhere to live after being evicted by private-sector landlords, says watchdog

Doors to rooms at a temporary accommodation block in Lambeth, south London

Homelessness is now a serious risk for working families with stable jobs who cannot find somewhere affordable to live after being evicted by private-sector landlords seeking higher rents, the local government ombudsman has warned.



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NHS bosses sound alarm over hospitals already running at 99% capacity - The Guardian

Bed shortages prompting concern for patient safety even before onset of winter weather and anticipated major flu outbreak

Hospital bed


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