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"What is Democratic Engagement”

Click this link for the recording of the webiniar "What is Democratic Engagement”

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The Lamps Are Coming On All Over Europe - George Monbiot

See this most welcome article about democracy from George Monbiot, which includes:

Now, it seems, another world is here: the sudden death of the neoliberal consensus. Any party that claims to belong to the left but does not grasp this is finished.

A survey by the website …


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Cameron cuts, and the money is recycled to the rich - Polly Toynbee

David Cameron spread out a fabulous feast of bribes. Outlining his party’s tax plans in a speech yesterday, the prime minister made clear that lavish tax cuts for the better off will be the £7bn prize for returning him to Downing Street. This comes after a famine of…


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Will you help us put inequality on the agenda for the general election?

The forthcoming election is a rare “tipping point” opportunity to change what gets said and done about inequality by people in power - and we need to make the most of it.

There are encouraging signs: mainstream politicians who previously avoided talking about inequality now want to be seen to be addressing the problem. This is no doubt because 83% of British people think inequality has gone too…


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Why is the UK imitating the US prison system?

America now has the biggest prison population in the world. The majority of those behind bars are non-violent offenders, two thirds are African American or Latino. It is a failing system. The UK should pay attention because it's the only country in the western world that's imitating American correctional practices. Why do prisons matter? Because most prisoners will one day walk free and what you do to them behind bars has consequences.…


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Austerity cuts will bite even harder in 2015 - Amelia Gentleman

With the new year looming in front of us, see snips from this article from the Guardian.

Four more years of austerity is “a price that works for our country”, Osborne said as he outlined his strategy. The Institute for Fiscal Studies responded by warning that “colossal” cuts to the state would take total government spending to its lowest level as a proportion of national income since before the second world war. By the end of the process,…


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Something for your Christmas stocking – a peoples’ manifesto

 With an election fast approaching, mainstream parties are gearing up for what may turn out to be a complex and uncertain outcome. One thing however will remain the same: the brutal Punch and Judy election battle fought out on our television screens with a blaze of tabloid headlines damning one political party or leader while backing another.

Except, strictly speaking, this will not be an election campaign – these gradually ceased to exist  some while back and in case you missed this…


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NHS - the frontline reality. Dr Zoe Norris

A sobering insight into life for a frontline dotor in today's NHS

I am on the frontline. I am the reality of the NHS on a typical day. I am what patients all over the country are experiencing when they ring their GPs. I am what Jeremy Hunt chooses not to wait for, preferring to go to A&E. I am the GP on-call today.

When I arrive before the surgery opens, all the appointments saved for today have gone. Booked…


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Inequality: the slow revolution - Danny Dorling

In an extract from his new book, Inequality and the 1%, Danny Dorling argues that we need a nonviolent war of attrition against the rich.

Increasingly, the rich feel that they are entitled to as much as they can possibly get away with – that they are entitled to say outrageous things and that no one else is entitled to anything much.

It is clear that higher taxation can reduce greed at the top more…


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The ConDem’s Autumn Statement is a declaration of war on the people

The cuts to government spending over the next five years will significantly exceed those made in the last five. Be warned: the austerity we’ve seen so far was only the warm-up for the main event. 

The scale of future cuts proposed by the Tories is so vast and almost unimaginable that it’s impossible to envisage any government carrying them through without provoking massive social and civil unrest. In effect, the ConDems yesterday declared all-out war on the…


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Money Creation Backbench Debate

Hi NatCAN,

Positive Money have had a significant breakthrough: Earlier this week we were told that Parliament will hold a three hour debate on the issue of ‘Money Creation and Society’ on Thursday 20th November.

This will be the first time in 170 years that Parliament has debated money creation.

The backbench debate in the Main Chamber of Parliament creates an opportunity for MPs from all parties to learn about the issue, ask questions and deepen their…


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The British government is leading a gunpowder plot against democracy - George Monbiot

You really need to see this article in full. Here's a couple of snips:

The Stop TTIP petition now carries more than 750,000 signatures; the 38 Degrees petition has 910,000. Last month there were 450 protest actions across 24 member states. The commission was forced to hold a public consultation about the most controversial aspect, and 150,000 people responded. Never let it be said that people cannot engage with complex…


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Why bother writing to your MP?

“It’s a pointless exercise” “You just get the standard party line”. “They don’t answer your questions, they just use it to pump out pat responses, copied and pasted from the last letter from someone who asked  similar questions the week before”.   “Sometimes you don’t even get a reply”.

That probably typifies most people’s experience, including mine, of writing to their MP (or their local councillor). What…


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