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Ethnic minority Britons twice as likely to be unemployed, damning new government study finds

Article by Joe Watts from the Independent:

Ethnic minority Britons twice as likely to be unemployed, damning new government study finds…


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Book review: A Sharing Economy: How Social Wealth Funds can Reduce Inequality and Help Balance the Books, Stewart Lansley

From London School of Economics and Political Science website:



In A Sharing Economy: How Social Wealth Funds can Reduce Inequality and…


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Research Publication: Priced Out? The affordability crisis in London

Research Publication taken from IPPR, The Progressive Policy Think Tank. Please see link below for access to the publication:


London’s housing market is increasingly unaffordable for those on low to middle incomes. While it has…


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At last something is being done about Greater Manchester's homeless problem

At last something is being done about Greater Manchester’s homeless problem.

Fire stations are to turn spare space into shelters, GPs are to treat people without a permanent address and Manchester council is to buy up cheap housing across the city and allow people without homes to live there.

At the same time the region’s public sector leaders - led by mayor Andy Burnham - have issued an appeal to the Prime Minister, calling on her to halt the government’s roll-out of Universal…


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Lessons from the Greater Manchester experiment - Local Government Information Unit

In the first of three essays LGiU is publishing on the future of local government, Andrew Walker discusses the Greater Manchester experiment in devolution, lessons learned so far and challenges that remain.…


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Book Review: After Piketty: The Agenda for Economics and Inequality

Book Review: After Piketty: The Agenda for Economics and Inequality edited by Heather Boushey, J. Bradford DeLong and Marshall Steinbaum

Life expectancy for people living around Canary Wharf is 89 years. For people at Canada Water, the next stop on the Jubilee line, life expectancy is 78 years. The life expectancy gap of eleven years between these two stations is equal to that between Switzerland and Bangladesh or between British women born in 2011 and British…


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Your democracy has just been stolen

Could I have some input on this this one please?

Imagine a government that seized control of the legislature, rewrote the rules, ignored democratic convention and told its people it was in their own best interests.

Those who have done such a thing are a list of the world's most crazed despots: Robert Mugabe, Joseph Stalin,…


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The Paradox of Participation

Participatory budgeting is a topic that will interest many of our members. In Popular Democracy: The Paradox of Participation, Gianpaolo Baiocchi and Ernesto Ganuza examine contemporary forms of participatory governance by tracing the origins and development of participatory budgeting (PB) from its roots in Porto Alegre, Brazil, to its adoption in two cases, Cordoba, Spain and Chicago, USA. While acknowledging that PB has been seen as being too easily co-opted by neoliberalism, the…


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Where next?

How would you like to see NatCAN develop? Here are a few ideas.

(1) Free workshops for regional groups

The regional groups are a great idea but they have largely fallen into disuse. A better connection to what is happening offline, in the 'real world', would be of benefit. Therefore the Freire Institute will offer each regional group a free one-day workshop to focus on: (a) where we are at in our region as community activists; (b) what are the key issues?; (c)…


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Jeremy Corbyn – a mainstream [Scandinavian] social democrat - Jonas Fossli Gjersø

As a Scandinavian who has spent more than a decade living in Britain, nothing has made me feel more foreign than observing the current Labour leadership election. From his style to his policies Mr Corbyn would, in Norway, be an unremarkably mainstream, run-of-the-mill social-democrat. His policy-platform places him squarely in the Norwegian Labour Party from which the last leader is such a widely respected establishment figure that upon resignation he became the…


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The Tories unleash a ‘day of rage’ every day. It’s called austerity - John Wright.

The right wing backlash against the righteous anger and, yes, rage over the mass incineration of human beings inside Grenfell Tower in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea has begun. Demonising those who dare do anything other than wave a few placards and sing hymns in solidarity with the victims and survivors is being characterise as tantamount to calling for revolution by apologists for a status quo of rampant inequality, social and economic…


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Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn Discuss How to Get the World We Want


Naomi Klein: I’m Naomi Klein, reporting for The Intercept, and I’m here in London at the Houses of Parliament with Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, three weeks after the Labour Party in an historic election won many, many more seats than anybody predicted – except for some of the people in this room, who saw it coming. And it’s just an enormous pleasure to be here with Jeremy and to talk about the importance of a forward-looking, bold agenda to do battle…


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Why Capitalism is Just Shitbag Science - Holly Wood PhD

Capitalism is very simple. Capitalism as an economic system is essentially defined as the process of private expropriation of public wealth. Technically, the Earth is every creature’s inheritance but we in our late modern wisdom have conceded that only a select handful of people will get to profit from its resources while the rest are forced by either gunpoint or starvation to serve them forever or die.

But of course,…


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Interface: Journal of social movements

Always some stimulating reading, and very applicable to this group.


as they say about themselves:

The development and increased visibility of social movements in the last few years, has made it clear just how much knowledge movements generate. This knowledge is generated across the globe, and in many contexts and a variety of ways.

We are activists from different movements…


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The government must pause Universal Credit - Gillian Guy

By 2022, 7 million families in the UK will receive Universal Credit, which is replacing 6 existing means-tested benefits. We welcome efforts to simplify our benefits system. But Universal Credit is already failing thousands of people.

Every day at Citizens Advice we see people being pushed into desperate circumstances by problems with the new system. Despite this, a dramatic increase in the number of people affected is planned…


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Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems - George Monbiot

Imagine if the people of the Soviet Union had never heard of communism. The ideology that dominates our lives has, for most of us, no name. Mention it in conversation and you’ll be rewarded with a shrug. Even if your listeners have heard the term…


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Six reasons to demand a fresh general election right now

Tories out

The Tories are playing for time, desperately trying to reorganise themselves after their harrowing election campaign.

That’s a good reason why we should step up the campaign for a fresh election and complete the unfinished business of June 8 by consigning Theresa May’s weak and divided government to history.

The tens of thousands on London’s streets on July 1 were of one voice…


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How the Anglo World Lost Its Way (While the World Didn’t) - Umair Haque

Two decades or so, ago economists bemoaned Sub Saharan Africa. The world was making great strides against poverty, illness, autocracy. But no matter how much money or advice poured in, it seemed only to go backwards.

Today, in a stunning, ironic twist of history, that dubious honor belongs to the English speaking world. It’s the one region of the globe going backwards today. Furiously and swiftly.…


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