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Have people seen these Community Development competences from ESB? You can use them for all sorts

CD national Occupational Standards

These national occupational standards are a really helpful list of knowledge, and skills founded on very well thought out and set of values. Have a look and see if you can use them to write job descriptions, put short courses together or just stare at them and…


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Andy Burnhams Deputies

BBC News-New Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham appoints deputies

Have a look at this BBC report about Andy Burnhams choice of deputy Mayors. What is interesting is the areas of responsibility they have and the contribution that people that are members of NatCAN may be able to play or contribute to.

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Youth sector consultation findings

Youth Sector Consultation Findings

I'd love to hear what people made of this short power point based paper on a 'wide' consultation about where the young peoples sector should go.

Before doing any sort of comment myself I'd like to throw it out to a wider audience for your thoughts. I'd be particularly interested in your views of the language it is couched…


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This Land is Mine- a short video that sums up the Israeli/Palestinian conflict

However you view this conflict, whatever the solution may be it's the dude at the end who is winning!

Films for Action

There's other good stuff too.

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If you want a useful qualification then have a look at this!

Members of NatCAN are a clever bunch and so are most people I've met in the community work field. Sometimes though there may not be a way in to Higher Education no matter how much experience you have. This course might be an answer Community and Social Care Foundation Entry…


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The “Vollgeld” Initiative - and interesting beginning to a revoloution

This came along in my inbox and I followed the link to Positive Money and found this initiative that is going in Switzerland. Have a look have a read. It's significant.

The Vollgeld initiative

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The cafe that feeds Leeds with waste – video

Have a look at Adam Smith..not the one one with the institute but the one with the Cafe! This is one of the most inspirational video's I've seen for a while. Following on from our conference about what can be done or what action can be taken in this time of 'austerity' (for some) this chef answers the question brilliantly.

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Woman's Hour-is 'trolling' stopping women taking part in public events

Today I heard a discussion on Radio 4's Woman's Hour. Lis Howell is doing some research into why there's an apparent absence of Women on the radio, parliament and in the media. Here's the link to the item

Woman's Hour - Lis Howell

Lis Howell was asking for people to comment or contribute to the research and wanted to hear from Women Activists in communities and local politics.

If you…


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Where the hell is the outrage?- a thought from Common Dreams

I saw this on the Common Dreams website. Although it is American in origin it struck chords for me too here in the UK. Why am I swallowing the whole 'that's life' 'It's too complicated to change' thinking that is sapping the very air from the room. It is worth noting that I live in the North (note the capital letter) and we've more reason to be outraged than most yet we watch as my NHS is dismantled and handed over to the private sector, there's too many people chasing the too few jobs, the…


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BBC admit their video was misleading about banks

The Positive Money Website says

"The BBC produced a Video entitled “How do Banks Work?” which sought to explain the principles of banking and the role played by banking in relation to the global financial crisis. The video gave amisleading impression of the way banks work by failing to note their role as creators of money, and this role in leading up to the crisis."

read more at…


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A New Economics Foundation graphic

New Economics Foundation on Facebook

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Patch Adams at Utrecht University

Patch Adams at Utrecht University- radical happiness

Everyone should have to watch this by law. It's funny, moving and profound. Where's my red nose gone?

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I think more people need to listen to George Monbiot

George Monbiot has been churning out articles like this one for ages

He must be so frustrated as his messages read like an old testament Prophet and get ignored. As a species we aren't too good at looking forward and being cautious. We are like the teenager that get a Corsa and drives it like…


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Civil Society discussion on LinkedIn


I think that some of the discussions here on NATCAN have been of a high standard and it may be worth contributing to this one especially those members that have some thoughts about new politics and new forms of people power. Have a look at LinkedIn Civil…


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New Economics Foundation - Happy planet index

Happy Planet Index- NEF

Have a look at this. It's made me think that we need to be able to redefine 'success', 'wealth' and 'valuable'. Costa Rica anyone?

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Slow down you move too fast!

This is an interesting website that gives an added dimension to our culture and passion for 'more now'. Maybe allies in the search for a better future.

There's two books that are interesting too:

Carl Honore (2004) In Praise of Slow- how a worldwide movement is challenging the cult of speed: Orion Books

James Gleick (1999) Faster -…


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Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Research considers the impact of employment changes on poverty targets by 2020

Have a look at this that came into my inbox. It's worth noting that the future isn't fixed and that we change it. What this research really shows is the stuff that's happening now isn't working too well and will have repercussions for the…


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Yes! Magazine in America

What a positive and hopeful, challenging and informative magazine. Have a look, it shows that there is a diversity of opinion in America!

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I am an Activist- Anita Roddick

I came across this and it seems grand!

Have a look and see if it floats your boat

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