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Interface: Journal of social movements

Always some stimulating reading, and very applicable to this group.

as they say about themselves:

The development and increased visibility of social movements in the last few years, has made it clear just how much knowledge movements generate. This knowledge is generated across the globe, and in many contexts and a variety of ways.

We are activists from different movements…


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Sharing 'the next recession' blog

I had a read of this and thought NATCAN members would be interested in a Marxists economist's views of the prospects from free trade agreements and the UK economy if outside Europe...

Highlights from comments on this blog were:

In short: this [TTIP] is not about trade but acquiring international property rights, protecting them and dominating others – plus ensuring that the lowest denominator in social and environmental protection that the dominating power holds will…


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People led democracy in Denmark: What can we learn from grown up politics?

I wrote a blog that might appeal to NatCAN members. Here is an excerpt or two:

"Folkemoedet is like all the UK party conferences, the green field at Glastonbury and the AGM of the Danish Women’s Institute happening at the same time.  Along with quite a bit of artisan beer and smoked mackerel.  Inspired by similar open politics conferences in Sweden, Folkemoedet could never happen here, today, in the fevered and…


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Divided World, Divided Class:

Picked this up from an email list. Not read it but thought NatCAN types may have/be interested. The original poster was interested in comments on it... could feed them back maybe...

new book by 'Zak Cope' -

“Divided World, Divided Class: Global Political Economy and the Stratification of Labour Under Capitalism”

pro review …


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Interface: a journal for and about social movements (free)

Interface: a journal for and about social movements

Volume four, issue two (November 2012)

For the global emancipation of labour: new movements and struggles around work, workers and precarity

Issue editors: Peter Waterman, Alice Mattoni, Elizabeth Humphrys, Laurence Cox, Ana Margarida Esteves…


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They are watching... but whats the point?

A curious story from our local occupy group. Over the past few months some of us have been talking about Yarn bombing, a gentle form of street art using wool

This week the Olympic torch passes through Lancaster (at a possible cost of £40,000 to local residents for policing, security and associated events). A few people on our Occupy group Facebook page have been commenting on the ethics…


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Occupy Lancaster Illegal evictions

Click links below for media reports.

Note... the building was not barricaded as people had been entering and leaving up to 2mins before cordon was put round building (3 hours after police first arrived), and section 6 legal notice of squatting had been clearly affixed to door and no evidence was produced by police to indicate that criminal damge had occurred during entry.…


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Is there anybody home

Try this link


All you get is a blank white screen- no way to go forward or back, nothing you can do but sit there and study a big white blankness...


like nobody is home...


you get the same with…


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