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Trump to Pull Out of the UN, Expel It from the US?

ROME, Jan 24 2017 (IPS) - So far, Donald Trump’s first decisions as president of the United States have left no doubt that he intends to implement his electoral threats, while most likely not fulfilling the promises he made as a candidate.

Barely 48 hours after his inauguration as the 45th president of the United States, a shocking report was circulated saying that “A bill was introduced early January that calls for the removal of the United States from the…


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Are you a renter or a frequent mover? Don’t forget to Register to vote.- Cabinet Office

Frequent movers are one of the least likely groups of electors to be registered to vote in the UK.

It is estimated that the proportion of private renters who are registered to vote is 63%, compared to homeowners who are around 94%.

The challenges we face with transient populations are becoming more difficult to address especially in our inner city areas. Manchester, for example,…


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How corporate dark money is taking power on both sides of the Atlantic - George Monbiot

It took corporate America a while to warm to Donald Trump. Some of his positions, especially on trade, horrified business leaders. Many of them favoured Ted Cruz or Scott Walker. But once Trump had secured the nomination, the big money began to recognise an unprecedented…


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World War Zero Is the World Preparing for War? - Umair Haque

Mikhail Gorbachev thinks the world is “preparing for war”. What do you think? You’ve considered it by now, that much is certain. Let us try as best we can to answer the question: is the world gearing up for war?

Wars are often seen as…


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Whiny old fascists of America rejoice! - Paul Mason

“Trump is a fascist, Trump and Pence are illegitimate” — that’s the chant the Revcom group led as about 250 people just swarmed the entrance of the “Deploraball” — a posh reception for Trump supporters about half a mile from the White House.



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Building Bridges Not Walls - Natasha Adams

As President Trump is sworn in, thousands of people are protesting by dropping banners all over the world to spread the message that we need to build bridges, not walls. Below I share a little about my experience of taking part and the breadth of the action, reflecting on why it has…


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Social Insecurity: The real threat to you and your family - Jeff Goulding

This week Jeremy Corbyn stood at the dispatch box and accused the Prime Minister of being in denial over the state of the NHS. Her response was to trot out the usual diversions and weak gags that have typified her premiership.

However, when…


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Pissing on the Ritz - Paul Mason

Let’s get the process stuff out of the way. Buzzfeed was right to release the private intelligence document containing damaging allegations against Trump. In UK terms it was clearly in the public interest to reveal the contents. Any state regulated broadcaster in the UK…


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Why The Biggest Problem in the World is Also the Easiest to Fix - Umair Haque

Quick – what’s the biggest problem in the world today? Demagoguery, bigotry, climate change, inequality?

No, no, and no. All of these are the bitter fruit of the same toxic root. The global economy is broken. It is stagnant, flat, a comatose patient on life support.

That might sound like bad news. It’s not. It’s great news. Why? Because it’s also the easiest to fix. Here’s a…


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REVEALED: The Israeli diplomat who worked inside Labour to undermine 'crazy' Corbyn

Undercover recordings seen by Middle East Eye have revealed how an Israeli diplomat sought to establish organisations and youth groups to promote Israeli influence inside the opposition Labour party in an effort to undermine Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

In secret conversations filmed by an undercover reporter, Shai Masot, a senior political officer at the Israeli embassy in London, described his plans to set up a youth…


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Did Putin help elect Trump to restore $500 billion Exxon oil deal killed by sanctions - Joe Romm

But it appears our democracy and our children have a new axis to worry about: Putin, Trump, and ExxonMobil, whose CEO Rex Tillerson — an extreme Russophile and long-time director of a US-Russian oil company — is Trump’s puzzling choice for Secretary of State.…


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Basic Income Arrives: Finland To Hand Out Guaranteed Income Of €560 To Lucky Citizens

As of January 1, 2017, the experiment in "basic income" has officially begun, with Finland becoming the first country in Europe to pay its unemployed citizens the guaranteed monthly sum of 560 euros ($587), in a "unique social experiment which is hoped to cut government red tape, reduce poverty and boost employment." According to Olli Kangas from the Finnish government agency KELA, which is responsible for the country's social benefits, the two-year trial…


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Warming crushes global records again in 2016 - Joe Romm

2016 has crushed the record for hottest year, set way back in 2015, which itself smashed the previous record for hottest year that was set in 2014.

Such a three-year run has never been seen in the 136 years of temperature records. It’s but the latest in an avalanche of evidence this year that global warming will either be as bad as climate scientists have been warning for decades — or much worse.…


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Universal basic income trials being considered in Scotland - The Guardian

Scotland looks set to be the first part of the UK to pilot a basic income for every citizen, as councils in Fife and Glasgow investigate trial schemes in 2017.

The councillor Matt Kerr has been championing the idea through the ornate halls of Glasgow City Chambers, and is frank about the challenges it poses.

“Like a lot of people, I was interested in the idea but never completely…


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Truth and justice in a year of living dangerously - Jeff Goulding

In a year in which the human race took a giant leap back in time, revisiting the politics and economics of the 1930s, there is scant comfort on offer. There is trouble and strife in all directions of the globe.

In Europe decades of…


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The 500 richest people in the world got $237 billion richer in 2016 - Alan Pyke

Billionaire Bill Gates and World Bank head Jim Yong Kim at the 2016 edition of the hyper-elite World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. CREDIT: AP Photo/Michel Euler

As right-wing politicians around the world gathered power by scapegoating immigrants for the…


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99 Reasons 2016 Was a Good Year - Angus Hervey

Was 2016 really all bad news?  That depends on your source.

Our team at Future Crunch spent the year gathering good news stories you probably didn’t hear about:…


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Nigel Farage’s attack on Jo Cox’s widower is a new low. Enough: Owen Jones.

No more pussyfooting around: Nigel Farage and his associates have poisoned our country’s political culture, and it’s time to push back. Their offensive – in every sense of the word – has been so swift, so devastating, that we risk normalising it.…


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Why the United States is at war with itself. The End of History is just the beginning. By Nafeez Ahmed

The heads of the CIA and FBI have both come on the record to say that America’s traditional enemy, Russia, covertly interfered in the elections by hacking the Democrat Party.

Whether you believe this story or not is…


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Climate change played a role in dozens of floods, heatwaves, and droughts last year - Natasha Geiling

In late September of 2015, residents of Miami woke up to find their streets inundated with several feet of water. But the flooding wasn’t brought by intense rainfall or a tropical storm — it was the result of historically high tides combined with rapidly rising sea levels. In other…


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