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There isn't any money

 'New labour' fooled a large part of the population that they could all get something for nothing. They did this with the 'own your own home' propaganda and made everyone believe that we could all be 'pocket capitalists'.

They then organised the building of schools and hospitals and infrastructure for the benefit of us all.

They educated enough of us to understand what was going on and we gradually realised that the system was printing money under the control of a very small…


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too many words

I can only speak for myself as I am only 1 in 7 billion.

I am against capitalism but regard money as a standard medium of exchange.

Percentages are used to disguise real money.

Compound interest causes slavery.

Heredity gives money to the worthless.

Soldiers are paid to murder.

Weapons are made to kill and destroy.

Financial services create no wealth.

Bankers are simply money lenders.

Insurers are gamblers.

The 'global…


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