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This is the Britain (America and Europe) we live in today!

Teresa May, our new PM, stated that she wants a Britain that works for all and not just the wealthy and influential.  She re-stated this view at the recent Tory Conference, yet the reality is very different.  If one reads the newspapers, watches or listens to the news, it is not hard to see that what she and her colleagues say in public and what is real are completely at odds.  By simply perusing the information that is in the public domain, it is clear that the Tory party is…


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The Tory Sycophants (Or should it be Sick-o-phants)

I watched the news last night and witnessed the appalling spectacle of Tory MP's falling over themselves to congratulate Cameron on his failure to muster support from EU leaders.  My own MP, Stephen O'Brien made reference to '...the previous Battle of Britain' and 'seeing off many Junkers.'   Some might say an amusing play on words.  Other Tories spoke of leadership.  What leadership?  That of a small group of Tory Euro-sceptics who live in an era long past; our questionable imperial age.…


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