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Your democracy has just been stolen

Could I have some input on this this one please?

Imagine a government that seized control of the legislature, rewrote the rules, ignored democratic convention and told its people it was in their own best interests.

Those who have done such a thing are a list of the world's most crazed despots: Robert Mugabe, Joseph Stalin,…


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Civil unrest

 In almost every single instance of recorded civil war, the conflict has been orchestrated by a third party for a third party's gain.

The American Civil war was orchestrated by the British to end the autonomy of the south for example.

But an obvious one to watch right now would be Libya of course.

No........ Britain will not see a civil war in my view, if for no other reason than there is nothing to be gained and everything to be lost.

Britain may well soon be in a political…


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Great stuff I'm impressed by his persistence and triumph as the BBC can lean a little sometimes. 

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A more comprehensive account of the video involving the class system

Here on this link is a deeper and more detailed account of the serious problems we all face and our need to confront these as soon as possible.

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Osbornes worry on re election

'We will be sitting around the shadow cabinet table':

Osborne's grim joke on Tories election prospects.

Read More…


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Cameron slips further and further right as the rest move left

Cameron and the right slip further and further as more and more poeple see Neoliberalism moving into dangerous areas and its obsesive move to shrink the state, this from a Oct paper "Slip Sliding Away" as Paul Simon put it


The Conservatives have not won a general election for more than 20 years. "The party is still stranded too far to the right from where most voters want them to be on public services and the economy. There is an absolutely clear consensus among academics…


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Things can only get worse

All hopes for a Tory re election are fading fast and with three years to go their attempts to gain the vote with likes of Immigration, Euorope and Welfare will become desperately obvious as the propaganda machine gathers pace. So ok, lets presume Labour are back in power, would they legislate any harder on the banking system? Well that would have to be at international level wouldn't it? so lets face it, real change is going to take decades, and global concensus amongst global economic…


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The EU Banking Union?


Hi, Some good input would be appreciated to decipher whether this will help or fail, I'm sure the intellect on this site may collectively come to a conclusion, Merry Xmas everyone

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Murdoch's tentacles

I was so amazed at this interview of David Cameron, if I had been the interviewer I would have been compelled to go over to him and wave my hands over his head and say " amazing no strings"

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God Bless America

God Bless America

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If public spending is being cut why isn't council tax?

f public spending is being cut why isn't council tax?

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MPs squabblings on the localism bill


As you can see from this some coalition squabbles may slow this down and cause some bottlenecks but I'm sure it will be implimented on time 

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More affordable homes under Right to Build initiative


You can see from this site the powers that could be used to help those people whose parents, grandparents etc have lived in the same area for…


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