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Seeking support with an Appeal to the Criminal Cases Review Board to quash the convictions of two Young Innocent Men who were hung in 1952


I very recently decided to trace my family history , I was astounded to find out , that I have a second cousin Edward Francis Devlin a Mancunian like myself , who was hung at the age of 22 with another young mancunian aged 21 called Arthur Burns in a Liverpool prison in 1952 per a crime they seemingly didn't commit.

There is a blog page on the net titled Executions of the Day and if anyone is keen, please have a read of the story. It is listed and can be found under the date…


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"Political Correctness."


My knowledge base is lacking, in relation as to whether or not Internationally, the term being Politically Correct and the absolute madness it fosters here in OZ, is comparable ???

The main aim of  PC here in OZ is to support and initate the demise of anything that is traditionally known as Australian (to pc this constitutes being a racist) in some instances Religion (no Happy Christmas must be happy Holiday because otherwise it's discrimination) No more chairmen or chair…


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