A World to Win's radical alternative to the EU and the progressive case for voting Leave in the referendum

Many people have genuine misgivings, not to say fears, about the consequences of the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union when the referendum on membership takes place in June. The authorised alternatives on offer are so reactionary that the best option, it would appear, is to vote to remain.

Understandably, no one with a progressive thought in their heads wants to end up in the same political camp as the anti-immigrant, nationalist Ukip. Or the Tory eurosceptics whose vision harks back to the days of Empire and to a fanciful time before Britain joined the EU when the UK’s Parliament was allegedly sovereign, with supreme powers over its own affairs.

By the same token, voters may not want to align themselves with the Tory government, especially as it is such a reactionary government intent on reinforcing inequality, attacking EU migrants, undermining health and social housing and destroying democratic rights. They may consider abstaining as an option.

Of course, with the propaganda from both official camps focused on our so-called “national interest”, “what’s best for Britain” (Labour’s Andy Burnham even said that voting to remain was patriotic) and other nationalist phraseology, it seems impossible to get a word in edgeways.  

But none of this should prevent us campaigning for a considered, truly democratic alternative to the EU founded on a plan for economic and political transformation. Why should the right-wing claim the sole right to think about a future outside the EU? Why can’t we re-imagine a Europe and a UK that is internationalist, democratic, non-capitalist and in the hands of the majority?

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Comment by Adam on May 31, 2016 at 10:32
Comment by Adam on May 26, 2016 at 16:15

I hope another Europe is possible, but to think that if we fully place ourselves in the hands of the current government with unfettered neo-liberalism (finishing off what Thatcher started!) that we won't actually end up in a worse place is scary and naive. 

If a current pan-Europe people's movement existed that's be another thing, but without that (plus Leave's unsavoury bed-fellows) I fear I'll be emigrating to Scotland or further afield.

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