Let’s get the process stuff out of the way. Buzzfeed was right to release the private intelligence document containing damaging allegations against Trump. In UK terms it was clearly in the public interest to reveal the contents. Any state regulated broadcaster in the UK would have done so.

Next, the car crash of a press conference. It revealed with shocking clarity the way the Trump presidency is going to ride roughshod over the conventions that make up the bulk of US Constitutional reality. There is nothing in the Consitution that says the President cannot bully CNN, libel them on air, take down their brand, expose their journalists to potential threats and intimidation. Nothing. SEE MORE

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Comment by Daniel Buckley on January 16, 2017 at 17:38

 Paul Mason is way off base. The Russians hacked the DNC , Hillarys E-MAILS & John Podestas e-mails is a deflectionary tactic, used by Hillary to distract attention from the CONTENT of the mails ,which proved manipulation of the Democratic Primaries, which Bernie Sanders won in reality.

 The Russians 'DUNNIT ' continuation  tactic is the CIA  and the Deep State attempting to control Trump.

There was no hacking, but there was whistleblowing by unknowns within the DNC and possibly

security agencies, as Wikileaks and Amb. Craig Murray confirmed

Trump was never expected to be POTUS.He won because so many people realise how the system does not work for them.They voted for an outsider, to toss a grenade into the entrenched establishment which has looted the USA by offshoring production/manufacturing and the never ending wars which only enrich the Military/Industrail/Financial Complesx'.

The Golden Showergate was another fake news story to taint Trump. totally made up by comedians on the blog 4Cchan and picked up by an ex-MI6 agent. The agent must have been paid a bundle to sacrifice his credibility for that nonsense.

Trump has attempted to get the CIA off his back and his picks for Sec  of State, Rex Tillerson

and Sec.of Defense Gen.Mattis have all done the nodding donkey routine in front of the rabid  Russophobic Senate Appointments Board. I do not put much store in their inflammatory remarks there , but as a means to get appointed. Then reality sets in.

Trump is at war with the CIA. He has no executive power until his inaugaration. I expect a purge

of the security services. Without a purge Trump can not be an effective President.There will be many threats made ,against his family ,against his business and against his life. The public will not be made aware of this, but with Trump and his Tweeter maybe the best defense is transparency and a light in to the evil darkness that lies behing the US Govt.

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