4 things that threaten life on Earth!

4 things that threaten life on Earth!

By Jon Crooks

Today I’m embarking on a journey.

I’ve been writing and blogging occasionally for a while now, but not in any kind of consistent or focused way. Since the General Election, I’ve become embroiled in politics: trying to help the Greens make progress in the lead up to the election and above all else trying to convince people that the Tories would cause more damage if elected. I didn’t envisage the Tories winning with an overall majority; I don’t think anyone did. And as expected, they’ve had a hugely damaging impact already – in just their first three months we’ve had the socially damaging Welfare Bill and a catastrophic assault on the environment in which David Cameron’s Government has taken aim at anything green and shot...

I now find myself getting caught up in Corbynmania. It’s really exciting stuff. It does show that there has been a latent movement in this country just waiting for something to latch onto; just like what we’ve seen happening in Greece and Spain.I’m not saying I agree with everything Corbyn says, but most of it makes sense and shouldn’t be considered radical or extreme. The fact that it is, just shows how far to the right we have shifted. As reported in The Guardian today, his opposition to austerity is a...

I’ve been dabbling in economics myself. Trying to get my head around money creation as debt and whether economic growth is necessary or even desirable. More to come from me on that subject.

The thing is though, I don’t want to lose sight of what’s really important. Not that politics, economics and social affairs aren’t important, they are. But politics and economics are (or at least should be) just a means to an end. Our global economy and elected representatives should be there to serve our best interests. The question is how do we determine what those interests are? As global citizens, do we want to continue to make the rich richer at the expense of the majority of the population and the limited resources of the planet or do we want a new more stable and just global economy that puts people and planet before profits? What then is our starting point?

Many of us know that we need to move to a fairer, more sustainable economic model, but in order to do that we first need a deep understanding of what are the biggest global challenges we face, so that we can keep them in mind and not fall into short-term thinking when it comes to shaping our future. This is what I want to cover off in my blog over the coming weeks and months. Here, I’m going to set the scene by looking at the 4 biggest global issues we face, based on recent scientific research, just in very broad terms for now.

In future blogs I’ll explore each of the following 4 issues in more detail. From there I hope to continue my journey by discussing different solutions to these issues. I hope you will find it useful and informative, but more than anything, I hope it will spur you into action.

I’m taking some time out of my career to spend one day a week writing. I’m no genius, I’m not an economist or a politician. I’m not a scholar or a scientist, but I hope that by bringing ideas together and sharing them, I will have a positive impact. So here goes…Read More

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