Seeking support with an Appeal to the Criminal Cases Review Board to quash the convictions of two Young Innocent Men who were hung in 1952


I very recently decided to trace my family history , I was astounded to find out , that I have a second cousin Edward Francis Devlin a Mancunian like myself , who was hung at the age of 22 with another young mancunian aged 21 called Arthur Burns in a Liverpool prison in 1952 per a crime they seemingly didn't commit.

There is a blog page on the net titled Executions of the Day and if anyone is keen, please have a read of the story. It is listed and can be found under the date 25 April 1952.

An author by the name of George Skelly spent twelve years researching the case and has written a book titled Murderers or Martyrs due per release shortly.( This is not an ad by the way). Another gentleman a retired Barrister by the name of Michael O'Connell has also featured the case in a book he authored titled " Within the truth lies" .

Although I never had the opportunity to know Edward Devlin or Arthur Burns , I believe they deserves due Justice and their names should be cleared. I want to initiate an appeal via the Criminal Cases Review Board.

Apparently George Skelly ( the author)  attempted to set the wheels in motion but was knocked back as he isn't a blood relative of either of the men executed and I'm told because the Review Commission think it's an old case and the cost to the public purse to do a review is too much.

That school of thought is nothing but offensive and lacking in anything that resembles Justice.

I am now seeking to initiate an appeal, and I hope with public support this can happen and the Commision will be unable to deny the process.

The bodies of Edward Devlin and Arthur Burns are buried under what was back in 1952 part of the Liverpool Jail.

However since the time Edward Devlin and Arthur Burns were hung, it has since been built over and their remains are now buried under a public carpark.

It is disgraceful..that these two young men were hung, let alone that their remains were treated in such a manner.

At the time the Murder trial occured , many people ( eye witnesses) went to Manchester Police and said the young men were in Manchester at the time the crime was commited believe it or not selling stolen rain coats out of a pram they were pushing from pub to pub , yet not one of those people who went to the Police were called in as witnesses at the trial.

The evidence submitted had been attained from two small time Liverpool crims.

Although Edward Devlin and Arthur Burns had previous form for break and enters , it's clear these two young men were used as scapegoats to blame per the murder . 

If anyone would be able to and would like to assist and support me in this endevour , I embrace and welcome your assistance in any shape or form with open arms and heartfelt Gratitude.    



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Comment by Lady Lindsay Langlands on October 13, 2012 at 14:24
Thanks Joe
Comment by joe taylor on October 10, 2012 at 11:47

That's interesting Lindsay - I've tweeted your blog post so hopefully someone will be able to advise you and get in touch.

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