Brexit can wait. Democracy can’t. Demand a new election now!

Demand new election now

The popular social movement that swept Jeremy Corbyn to within touching distance of Downing Street should be sustained until the illegitimate, Tory-DUP government is removed from office and another election held.

Theresa May has no mandate to rule, having lost her overall majority by gambling on an unnecessary general election. The aim was to shore up her position inside the Tory Party. Instead, she is now a lame duck, a prime minister without authority both inside and outside her party.

So the Tories have linked up with the corrupt, ultra-right of the DUP from Northern Ireland, where they have blocked the formation of a new devolved government for sectarian reasons.

Let’s not wait for the Tories to ditch her and install someone else as prime minister, who will also lack a mandate. Build the demand for her and her minority regime to go now because, in practice, Jeremy Corbyn was the only winner.

Brexit negotiations can wait. Democracy can’t. Demand new election now!

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