In almost every single instance of recorded civil war, the conflict has been orchestrated by a third party for a third party's gain.
The American Civil war was orchestrated by the British to end the autonomy of the south for example.
But an obvious one to watch right now would be Libya of course.
No........ Britain will not see a civil war in my view, if for no other reason than there is nothing to be gained and everything to be lost.
Britain may well soon be in a political quagmyre though, and that will involve a negotiation to break the deadlock - this has happened many times before.
It looks like a biggie this time though........

Without a totalitarian control, the terror politics will soon become ......... uncomfortable for them.

With a totalitarian control, they now dont have the religious paradigm in which to keep it going for long.



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Comment by Matt Worsdale on April 19, 2013 at 14:55

I fear that presently the majority of the UK population have their heads too firmly in the sand.

For this reason, the British state does have near-totalitarian control at its disposal already- we have seen many of the hallmarks of a regime of a people living under a 'fear curfew', as Niel Kinnock once called it in 1983. A recent and tragic example:

I don't know my history of civil unrest in the UK that well, but I know that the state was able to crush both the Chartist and Leveller resistance movements despite the police and the army numbering far less than the number of protesters.

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