Communities are the atomic elements of molecular democracy: Part 2

‘We used to dream big, now we have a district commissioner who does that for us.’

Last week I finished with the question: What happens when citizens, families and communities stop performing community functions as a consequence of being colonised by top-down institutional ways?

The answer, I believe, is: the collapse of community culture. It is said in psychological circles that a mother is never happier than her most unhappy child, if that is true it must also be true to say that a village is never happier than its most unhappy parent. A village without a community culture is a sick place. I can never be well in a sick village. So at the root of many of our social maladies is the ‘village problem’. The remedy for which is (largely though not exclusively) collective civic action in a citizen-centred democracy, the application of civic muscle in the stewardship of abundant communities.


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