Half Chewed Humble Pie: Labour’s Right, down but not out.- Roger C.

So the general election is starting to fade and the effect of Labour’s shock successes, that forced Labour’s parasitical ‘wreckers’ to faux grasp faux humble pie, has started to fade too. During the election I metaphorically held my nose when the likes of Wes Streeting received support for their election campaigns but I think it’s safe to reflect on the election now and safe to reflect on Labour’s continued internal problems.

Firstly, the problems Labour had before the election have shrunk to a mere gnat’s bite of what they were. Labour’s amazing successes wiped out the nonsense of Corbyn being unelectable, wiped out the nonsense of ‘the members are reflective of the wider electorate’, wiped out the nonsense that Britain does not want a Left alternative. After one of the most sickeningly vile media campaigns, that echoed Zac Goldsmith’s disgraceful Mayoral election campaign, we can also confidently say that Corbyn as electoral liability has been put to bed. So what is there to worry about from the ‘wreckers’?   SEE MORE

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