How a united front can remove the Tories - open letter to Jeremy Corbyn

Dear Jeremy

Your stunning landslide victory in the election for leader of the Labour Party reflects the power of a seismic social movement for democratic change which already reverberates far beyond Westminster.

Congratulations to all those who made it possible. An astonishing 16,000 helpers organised your leadership campaign. Tens of thousands of people came out of nowhere to produce a veritable political earthquake. You inspired young people like no other recent movement has done.

Your triumph shattered the Tory and New Labour dogma that austerity could not be challenged. It also proved clearly that the power of the right-wing media is relative and no match for a self-propelled movement.

Importantly, your convincing defeat of Burnham, Cooper and Kendall showed that elite control of political parties is nearing its end because people have had enough of this kind of “politics”. Mealy-mouthed, empty phrase-mongering was rejected in favour of straight talking.

Whether it is acknowledged or not, your elevation to leader marks the end of Labour as we have known it for more than 100 years and the beginning of another altogether more political, democratic process which has to find new routes to power.

Even the Tories are concerned, because the traditional role of “Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition”, as it is officially known, is now threatened by your desire for a broader, more democratic, different politics. If the focus is no longer in Parliament, people like Michael Gove reason, then it will find an outlet on the streets. Let’s hope he’s right!


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