How the Anglo World Lost Its Way (While the World Didn’t) - Umair Haque

Two decades or so, ago economists bemoaned Sub Saharan Africa. The world was making great strides against poverty, illness, autocracy. But no matter how much money or advice poured in, it seemed only to go backwards.

Today, in a stunning, ironic twist of history, that dubious honor belongs to the English speaking world. It’s the one region of the globe going backwards today. Furiously and swiftly.

We don’t need to debate that it is. It’s a fact. In the US, life expectancy, income, savings, and nearly every deeper indicator of a good life — from trust to mobility — is either flat or plummeting. In the UK, incomes are flat, and a similar collapse is almost certain to unfold there, as the NHS, BBC, and other public goods suffer underfunding. Australia’s doing slightly better, but even there, the tensions are visible. SEE MORE

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