If you want a useful qualification then have a look at this!

Members of NatCAN are a clever bunch and so are most people I've met in the community work field. Sometimes though there may not be a way in to Higher Education no matter how much experience you have. This course might be an answer Community and Social Care Foundation Entry

It's an access course to the BA in Community and Social Care and HE. One of the main criteria for entry is experience in the world of community work.

If you're interested send me an email via NatCAN and I'll get back to you or you can apply like this:

How to Apply
Full-time Course - you will need to complete a UCAS (Universities &
Colleges Admissions Service) application form. Forms and ‘how to apply’
handbooks are available in schools, from colleges and careers offices, or
direct from UCAS (visit www.ucas.com and click on ‘Apply’). Please use the
following information on your application form:
Institution Code Name: CLANC
Institution Code: C30
Campus Code: R
Short Form of Course: BA/CSCZ

Please don't be put off by the bloke in the tweed jacket on the prospectus, I can't help looking like that and I got the jacket for £2.

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