Labour’s manifesto: a triumph of leadership and hope over cynicism and despair - Jeff Goulding

As I reflect upon the Labour Party manifesto, I am struck by its breadth and scope. It is the most transformational programme offered by any political party, certainly in my lifetime and possibly since the post-war Attlee government. It offers real solutions to the problems faced by millions of people and it’s fully costed.

For students weighed down by loans and their parents worried about how they’ll pay them back, or afford a home of their own, there is hope. A promise of lifelong learning, within the grasp of all, offers a route out of poverty for many and, for business it holds out the prospect of a skilled and capable workforce, fully updated, motivated and productive.

For those unable to afford the rent or who have given up hope of ever owning a home, Labour’s housing policy offers a pathway to safe and secure housing. What’s more, the £10 living wage means they can afford to live with dignity, pay the bills and enjoy their leisure time. SEE MORE

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Comment by Daniel Buckley on May 18, 2017 at 13:29

 The Labour Manifesto offers real hope to all UK citizens. But to get the message out to the people, many who have given up on politics and voting ,we have to overcome the constant propaganda of the Mass media ,including the BBC, which is heavily biased against Labour.

Our hope is to harness the youth and Social Media to get the true message out there.

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