Following a great suggestion from Joe, I've started a NatCAN Book Group group, and would love folk to join me for a (roughly) monthly discussion of a book chosen by group members. 

I've taken the liberty of making the first book suggestion, 

People First Economics. I have chosen this for my own non-fiction book group which meets next at the end of May, so the chances of me reading it within the next month are higher than they might otherwise be!

I'm happy for folk to kick off discussion in the group whenever they wish to, and as a rough guide suggest that we start a good chat around the end of May through the beginning of June and select another book then. 

If you don't get time to read books, we could have a side thread where we just share photos of the books on shelves that we wish we had time to read!

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Comment by Nick Beddow on May 19, 2012 at 19:45

hiya, just got a copy at last (borrowed Joe's); Vanessa Baird's essay is fantastic - it's People first in more ways than one - she makes economics understandable for people who don't understand or get turned off by the usual language of business. Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky don't disgrace themselves either. :)

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