Only a struggle for democratic power can defeat Trump and the system

In 1989 US philosopher Francis Fukuyama announced that  political history would end by showing, as the Cold War finished, that constitutional, representative democracy and capitalism like America’s would prove the only viable system for the modern age.

This week a right-wing led insurgency against the very same political and economic system propelled maverick billionaire businessman Donald Trump into the White House, shattering not just Fukuyama’s theory but changing the course of history which, ignoring the philosopher, has continued its work in progress.

Despite his crude racism, sexism and authoritarianism, Trump mobilised over 59 million Americans against Washington’s political institutions and the corporations that have shipped jobs abroad and driven millions of working class people into abject poverty.

The constitutional order and the institutions Fukuyama identified – aka the state –  forged in an 18th century revolutionary war with Britain has broken down, perhaps irreparably.

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