My knowledge base is lacking, in relation as to whether or not Internationally, the term being Politically Correct and the absolute madness it fosters here in OZ, is comparable ???

The main aim of  PC here in OZ is to support and initate the demise of anything that is traditionally known as Australian (to pc this constitutes being a racist) in some instances Religion (no Happy Christmas must be happy Holiday because otherwise it's discrimination) No more chairmen or chair women ,it's chairperson based on gender and not being sexist)    and you can add in with that mix.. gagging people , to eradicate what is commonly known as ...

"FREEDOM OF SPEECH "  and what once was termedand  recognised, as one having the right to an opinion and choice. 

In Australia Politically Correct useage is rampant , utilised by all and sundry who have what I consider to be, more often than not, questionable personal agendas, that in essence will usually only benefit those who are fearful of loosing their own personal well established need to feel

" Unique , precious and or special ".They fear their hard earned "victimhood is being threatened"

There's hundreds more examples, that I wont go into.  


I'm really over it...and YES..I"m very POLITICALLY INCORRECT and yes I'm very Happy in saying and admitting that..


I'm keen to hear , what others opinions are, and what your thoughts about  PC  are.

Would be great if anyone has a PC situation they are prepared to share.













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Comment by Adam on February 23, 2012 at 2:07

I'm really not bothered about what people do with 'my flag', I don't take it personally.  Though having said that if racists use the flag of the UK or England to represent their whites-only discriminatory nonsense, then I do get aggrieved.  But as long as it or anything else isn't used as a symbol to exclude or oppress others, burn it, sleep lovingly under it, even better if you're smiling afterwards!  

And Australia was occupied or invaded by Europeans in fact, some while after the indigenous population called it their own, wasn't it!  

Comment by Lady Lindsay Langlands on February 7, 2012 at 0:48

One less than Humourous event here in OZ was on the 27th January ,the day after the Australia Day public holiday.When a particular group of people BURNT AND SPAT ON AN AUTRALIAN FLAG.The same group want the name of the day ..changed to Invasion Day ..Guess what most of the PC maniac attitudes and explanation were to this happening ??? comments .. It's a symbol of those people expressing themselves, it's not illegal to burn a flag,and that the people who burnt and spat on the flag did so because of their frustration...and that kind of attitude dear all , is what is occuring here..the people responsible ..just walked away smiling... 

Comment by Lady Lindsay Langlands on February 6, 2012 at 23:00

 You're right ...."I'm in love" ....LOL....a suggestion for a song....."You're the Voice" by John Farnham..( He's an OZ artist, ( albeit he was born in England) anyhow I'm sure this song was relased OS) 

Comment by Nick Beddow on February 6, 2012 at 16:11

Oh heck, you're going to love me then :) Here's my take on the assault on PC as part of the assault on equalities

But it's freedom of speech for both of us, eh?

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