Saving Britain by taxing the rich - Paul Mason

Labour is raising income tax to pay for the NHS and elderly care. It’s raising a wealth tax to pay for sending students to university for free. It’s reversing George Osborne’s cuts to corporation tax to pay for revolutionary new schools and skills system. And it will raise public sector pay using tax collected more efficiently from companies.

The attack lines on Labour’s radical plans for better health, education and social care are predictable: it’s double spending; the books won’t balance; you can’t raise this much tax; you’ll raise debt and it will hurt the economy.

In the next few blog posts I’m going to explain:

  • how the figures add up
  • how the tax will be raised
  • why it won’t hurt the economy.


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Comment by Daniel Buckley on May 18, 2017 at 13:51

 The Western economies are suffering from debt deflation, where the greater part of peoples wages go on the essentials of mortgages ,car loans and utilities. This leaves little disposable income for spending and results in a contracting economy  and unemployment.

Labours plans for the minimum wage and infrastructure build will create employment and circulate money in the economy. 

The austerity policies of the Tories is a descent into the abyss of poverty and joblessness. without hope of escape. 

The Labour MANIFESTO  is not really radical , but good economic policy and should give hope to many.Get out and vote Labour.

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