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I had a read of this and thought NATCAN members would be interested in a Marxists economist's views of the prospects from free trade agreements and the UK economy if outside Europe...

Highlights from comments on this blog were:

In short: this [TTIP] is not about trade but acquiring international property rights, protecting them and dominating others – plus ensuring that the lowest denominator in social and environmental protection that the dominating power holds will be respected. Interesting though that the US now seems to forget its important interests in China. Thirdly: already Adam Smith knew that Britain only started promoting free trade when she had eliminated the competition via the Navigation Acts. So good luck to the Brexit negotiators. With the ilk of David Davies who seems to have a chronic grinning problem and Boorish Johnson (pun intended) on the sidelines in the international negotiations, Theresa may stall indefinitely.

Full blog here:

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