The power and the potential of the social movement behind Corbyn

As voting gets under way in the contest for the Labour leadership, which is almost certainly going to result in the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn, it’s worth reflecting on the astonishing changes that have swept the party since the 2015 general election.

Together with the huge rallies Corbyn has been holding – 5,000 turned out on a Sunday evening in Kilburn, for example – they represent a burgeoning social movement that has shaken the political establishment and the mainstream media to the core, with a potential to inspire substantial change.

In reality, if not in practical terms, Labour is effectively split. The bulk of the membership seemingly rejects the majority of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) who led a half-baked coup against Corbyn that resulted in the new leadership contest. The trade unions have by and large also sided with Corbyn. Momentum has grown into a powerful force alongside Corbyn.

It’s impossible to see how a reconciliation is possible. Owen Smith, the other leadership candidate, has already said he would not serve in a new Corbyn shadow cabinet, for example.

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