The Tories unleash a ‘day of rage’ every day. It’s called austerity - John Wright.

The right wing backlash against the righteous anger and, yes, rage over the mass incineration of human beings inside Grenfell Tower in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea has begun. Demonising those who dare do anything other than wave a few placards and sing hymns in solidarity with the victims and survivors is being characterise as tantamount to calling for revolution by apologists for a status quo of rampant inequality, social and economic injustice, and in light of Grenfell corporate manslaughter. They are the real class warriors in Britain. The only difference is that instead of just talking about class war the Tories and their media acolytes wage it — and with venom — on a daily basis. Indeed what is austerity if not an economic and political assault on the poor? SEE MORE

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