The Tory Sycophants (Or should it be Sick-o-phants)

I watched the news last night and witnessed the appalling spectacle of Tory MP's falling over themselves to congratulate Cameron on his failure to muster support from EU leaders.  My own MP, Stephen O'Brien made reference to '...the previous Battle of Britain' and 'seeing off many Junkers.'   Some might say an amusing play on words.  Other Tories spoke of leadership.  What leadership?  That of a small group of Tory Euro-sceptics who live in an era long past; our questionable imperial age.  Cameron should be leading the nation not a bunch of out of touch "has-beens.'  He should be leading the country to full employment, greater security and co-operation with our European partners.  Considerable numbers of business leaders are making it clear that we need to be in Europe to survive and prosper.  His clumsy and un-diplomatic manner in opposing Juncker's nomination has done harm to our standing in Europe.  I believe it was the Finnish PM, who said that, 'Britain should wake up and smell the coffee.'  Not the words of a European politician who has great respect for Cameron or Britain!

Cameron is probably right that there needs to be reform in the EU, however his crass style is not the way to go about it.  It is becoming increasingly clear, if we did not already know it, that Cameron et al are not concerned with the welfare of the nation as a whole, but their own survival in this inward looking party and placating their supporters.  This is not leadership, it is merely sucking up to an influential and unrepresentative wing of the Tory Party.  Much as I dislike the woman and disagreed with most of what she stood for, Margaret Thartcher was far more of a leader than Cameron will ever be.  She was a conviction politician, he is nothing more than a lightweight, who grabs at populists issues in the hope that  he will be seen as a 'man of the people.'  

This ultra right wing of the Tories has created a bogeyman image of Europe with their one-sided propaganda about immigration, Euro-federalism and loss of sovereignty.  They have so manipulated the facts about migrants and loss of control that they are directly responsible for the rise of UKIP, which is now coming back to bite them in the rear.

Europe is by no means perfect and there is much that needs to be reviewed and reformed, however we need to be at the centre of Europe not outside.  We need intelligent and subtle leaders who are willing to work with our Euro-partners to effect change and improvement, not sycophants who feel that strength comes from stamping your foot and insulting our Euro-colleagues


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