'New labour' fooled a large part of the population that they could all get something for nothing. They did this with the 'own your own home' propaganda and made everyone believe that we could all be 'pocket capitalists'.

They then organised the building of schools and hospitals and infrastructure for the benefit of us all.

They educated enough of us to understand what was going on and we gradually realised that the system was printing money under the control of a very small 'elite' group of moneys lenders who head up the 'financial services industry'.

We now have a situation where we have most of the durables we want and all of the 'capital items' that we need. so we do not have any motivation to expend or grow.  We simply want and need to enjoy our products.

Basicly we do not want to borrow any more. We no longer want a 'foot on the property ladder as this not leads DOWN into a black hole.  We are no longer stupid box ticking robots that can be starved into submission,  and (in this country) we cannot be bullied into submission by physical force.

This leaves a large proortion of the population with nothing to add to society as they are no longer necessary for it to function.  They are the ones faced by 'austerity'.

NatCAN and other tiny groupings are not big enough to seem a threat to the highly financed 'parties' of todays politics so we are ignored.  The comments and suggestions on these blogs are changing the world.   The internet dominates and cannot be controlled.

I laughed when New Labout left a note saying 'there is no money'.    they forgot to say... "but there are hospitals and schools and educated people that you capitalists cannot enslave.
Money has been put back into it's true role as a method of exchange and it is 'the economy' that has been shown to be stupid.
 It seems that the Greeks once more will show what democracy really is.

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Comment by Roger Alexander on September 13, 2012 at 20:30

but it has now gone tits up.... they have all the money and they do not know what to do with it.

It is so funny when you look at the maths.  They have reached a dead end.  We have got all the stuff they are trying to sell us ... cars tvs Ipods food till we all get obese etc etcso we do not want to borrow to buy more... we just want to have fun and they can't bottle and sell that.   They cannot organise a society that has millions of empty houses and millions of homeless people.... the police and bailiffs are people and it just will not work

The unions just want to be another bunch of bosses in competition with the capitalist bosses so that is no help.

The only way out is to give people the means to co-operate with each other and that does not require a structure or fit in with the tick box society that has evolved.

It might be an idea to have different money for different commodities?

Comment by Daniel Buckley on September 13, 2012 at 19:07

"but there are hospitals and schools and educated people that you capitalists cannot enslave."

With the appointment of Jeremy Hunt as Health Minister, the stage is being set for the sell-off of our NHS. University students are now to pay a minimum of £9k /annum for an education.

We are already enslaved, when Thatcher privatised our Electric, Gas,Water and Transport companies. They now have an endless trapped clientiele of rent payers.

This was a massive transfer of wealth from the citizen to the Financial Institutions.

Those private citizens who took up the offer of shares in these privatisations,were in effect paying for something which already belonged to them.

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