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Comment by Roger Alexander on June 24, 2013 at 11:19

It seems that we have all been told that money is the criterion for 'success' in life and this has been used by those who would control.  Even activist groups are primarily concerned with 'fund raising' and are either supported by 'grants' from the government or by donations from a variety of sources.  The people who pulled Thatchers strings made sure that the public were motivated by money alone by telling everyone that they could become 'capitalists' themselves by buying their own homes and borrowing money on the strength of the capital equity they acquired in this way.  I remember that the 'interest rate' went up to 15% and more but that did not matter as the 'money' was created by the 'housing market'  through the rising price of property.

At the time I remember asking not where the money came from, as that was obvious (out of thin air) but where it was going. I did not meet anyone who asked or even thought about this aspect as everyone seemed to be acquiring 'stuff' and their standard of living seemed to be 'keeping up with the Joneses, in this newly created 'competitive economy'.  I still have difficulty in believing how stupid people are to have fallen for this political propaganda that has manipulated the behaviour of the whole population.

I now notice that there are groups of 'experts' publishing vast quantities of material explaining the banking system and economy, etc etc and this is fine balance of belief throughout the world.

When I publish comments on this group they seem to be ignored as I do not refer to the 'elite minds' of dead writers but just on simple observations of facts and reported facts.  Money is weapons based as weapons are the ultimate source of power.

We must get all money out of elections, take control of the weapons industry by a properly elected government that must be totally overt and have it's own direct connection with the whole population through the internet.  There is no reason that private individuals cannot have their own media and provide services but these must not be controlled by money lenders or landlords.

Comment by Jeff Mowatt on June 23, 2013 at 19:25

Tragically it's all too familiar when I reflect on what was being warned about nearly a decade ago:

“People-Centered Economic Development (P-CED) began as a concept in 1996 following a paper for the Committee to Reelect the President (US.)  That paper examined the need to be prepared for the risk of increased national and global poverty as we enter an information economy sufficiently sophisticated by its nature as to exclude and/or displace an increasing number of workers around the world. "

"The opportunity for poverty relief was identified not only as a moral imperative, but also as an increasingly pressing strategic imperative. People left to suffer and languish in poverty get one message very clearly: they are not important and do not matter. They are in effect told that they are disposable, expendable. Being left to suffer and die is, for the victim, little different than being done away with by more direct means. Poverty, especially where its harsher forms exist, puts people in self-defence mode, at which point the boundaries of civilization are crossed and we are back to the law of the jungle: kill or be killed. While the vast majority of people in poverty suffer quietly and with little protest, it is not safe to assume that everyone will react the same way. When in defence of family and friends, it is completely predictable that it should be only a matter of time until uprisings become sufficient to imperil an entire nation or region of the world. People with nothing have nothing to lose. Poverty was therefore deemed not only a moral catastrophe but also a time bomb waiting to explode"

Months after that paper was distributed, we were operational in Ukraine as a revolution began. It had beeb simmering since the murder of Giorgey Gongadze, a journalist investigating corruption in the Kuchma government.

The warning about civil unrest due to wealth inequality and inadequacy of the traditional capitalist model was first made to US President Bill Clinton:


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