To prevent fires in Britain, Neocons must stop lighting them overseas - Neil Clark

The Grenfell Tower fire in West London, which has killed at least 58 people and left many more homeless, is a shocking indictment of the UK's neoliberal/neo-conservative Establishment and their warped priorities.

We don’t have, it seems, enough money for all tower blocks in the country to be fitted with sprinklers and for adequate fire safety measures to be in place, but we do have enough to set fire to a series of secular Middle East countries that the Western elites and the endless war lobby want ‘regime-changed’.

Just compare the very modest sums that would have ensured the safety of the mainly working-class inhabitants of Grenfell Tower with how much the British government has squandered on wars against ‘target states’ in recent years. The London Fire Brigades Union tweeted that ‘Nobody has ever died in a fire in the UK in a property with an effective fire sprinkler system fitted’.


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