Truth and justice in a year of living dangerously - Jeff Goulding

In a year in which the human race took a giant leap back in time, revisiting the politics and economics of the 1930s, there is scant comfort on offer. There is trouble and strife in all directions of the globe.

In Europe decades of progress on social justice were swept aside after an attempt to quell an internecine war in the Tory Party backfired, as the people of Britain voted to leave the European Union. To the west Americans elected a demagogue, while fascists celebrated with Nazi salutes; and to the east Syria is bleeding a river of humanity that has spilled across the world.

All around us there is pain and suffering and those charged with governing have no solutions, save for the old tried, tested and failed models. This Christmas, in the sixth richest country on earth, the gap between those who have and have not are at Victorian levels. People sleep rough on icy streets, while families who work hard depend on food banks to survive.

It’s hard to maintain hope against such a terrible backdrop. However, after every storm there is a golden sky, no matter how long we endure the downpour. Among the gloom of 2016 I take comfort in many things. Of course my family and my friends are a source of pride and warmth, but out there in the cold heartless world there is still, after all the horror, enough to justify hope in my heart. SEE MORE

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