My friend Chris Abraham has a useful article up musing about some of his experiences in creating and growing various Communities. which I thought may be of interest.


Your community, as it grows, is not really your choice. A lot of the decision as to who and what your community becomes depends on the initial members. Your first 10 members will define your 100 will define your 1,000 will define your 1,000,000. The only choice you have as a business and as a host is who you invite to be your first 10-100 members. After that, you sort of have to get out of the way and then meet the needs of this new thing you have created.

A community is indeed a family. In order to really have a successful family, you have to let its members to be themselves and trust you. Otherwise, family members will feel that their patriarch and matriarch are disappointed in them.

Do all of your scheming before you launch. After your first hundred members get started, you pretty much should get the hell out of the way and let the community self-organize. You can be a gardener but don’t practice bonsai.

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