Want a revolution? Vote to save the NHS

You say you want a revolution but, well, you know, it’s all in the head.

The last time Britain had truly had enough of the type of politics of the Tories was around 1990. The Poll Tax was introduced by Thatcher as a bailout for the Tories failed experiment with privatisation and to protect the wealth of those who had profited from the looting of decades of public investment in public services. Thatcher gutted elements of tax payer investment to inject an illusion of wealth back into the economy and made £millions for a small coterie of those in a privileged position to exploit it. The Poll Tax was a means of paying the bills without taxing the new found wealth of those privileged looters.

People didn’t really know why they should resist the Poll Tax, they just instinctively knew it was unfair, and across the country they took to the streets and vented against the injustice. It brought down Thatcher but, ultimately, it did not bring down the Poll Tax or tackle the injustice. That uprising failed because we didn’t know what we were rising against. We didn’t understand that privatisation was not a great way for the little ‘man’ to cash in on owning our public services, that it was designed for the ‘establishment’ to cash in on our decades of tax investment. We didn’t understand that Right To Buy was a gutting of tax payer investment in housing. The Tories were looting decades of tax payer investment, selling it off cheap and permitting the City to strip it, without meaningfully reinvesting back into the country. Thatcher sold Britain for glass beads and bad whiskey, the City cashed in decades of tax payer investment of £billions for £millions of personal gain. It is the blueprint of Tory economic policy and what drives their ideology. It is what we should be rising up against NOW. SEE MORE


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Comment by Daniel Buckley on May 15, 2017 at 13:17


George Monbiot of the Guardian, explains in clear terms the effects of Neoliberalism.Which I consider the New Feudalism.

How any right thinking person can vote Tory and be aware of the ongoing policies of stripping out the wealth of the country ,that impoverishes us all ,is beyond my comprehension.

The population is both dumbed down and beaten down.

Comment by Daniel Buckley on May 15, 2017 at 13:07

 What has stripped Britain of its wealth is Neoliberalism. The transfer of State assets to the private sector, begun by Maggie Thatcher and continued with Blair.

This ensures a steady toll charge on every citizen in the UK, by means of paying for their electricity,gas,water ,transport, telecoms and Royal Mail. There is little return to the Treasury as  the profits are skimmed by the privateers. This is feudalism.

Only the NHS remains and this is suffering death by a thousand cuts and creeping privatisation of ancillary service. Usually to Tory interests

The usual underhand methods are being used to discredit the NHS and prepare it for privatisation. Underfunding, labour problems created by unfair work practices,propaganda by the controlled media to denigrate the service.

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