Whiny old fascists of America rejoice! - Paul Mason

“Trump is a fascist, Trump and Pence are illegitimate” — that’s the chant the Revcom group led as about 250 people just swarmed the entrance of the “Deploraball” — a posh reception for Trump supporters about half a mile from the White House.

The American police seem incapable of anticipating, judging or proportionately responding to social unrest. They pepper sprayed into the air and then launched one of those pushovers you see in rugby where a maul collapses, injuring mainly themselves. The protesters labelled them fascist too.

In truth, neither Trump nor the cops are fascists. But the kleptocrats who, by this afternoon, will rule America do not need fascism. Fascism was a tool to smash the organised working class in Europe when it was strong. SEE MORE

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Comment by joe taylor on January 26, 2017 at 9:15

Thanks for that link Sarah - very interesting. I think most of us would agree with...

He won, thanks not to so much to any real wave of popular appeal as to the dismal neoliberal nothingness of the tired and wooden Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and the sorry centrist record of the Obama administration. 

Comment by Sarah S on January 26, 2017 at 7:37

Interesting insight here:

Michel Foucault: "Because they claim to be concerned with the welfare of whole societies, governments arrogate to themselves the right to pass off as mere abstract profit or loss the human unhappiness that their decisions provoke or their negligence permits. It is a duty of an international citizenship to always bring the testimony of people's suffering to the eyes and ears of governments, sufferings for which it's untrue that they are not responsible. The suffering of men must never be a mere silent residue of policy. It grounds an absolute right to stand up and speak to those who hold power."


Comment by Daniel Buckley on January 23, 2017 at 8:17

 Paul Mason seems very disappointed that the corrupt criminal fraudster and war monger Hillary did not  get elected.

The phoney Charity and Pork Barrel, the Clinton Foundation has recently been wound up.Contributions had dried up.

When you do not have Power and influence to sell, you soon lose donors.

This attack on Trump is without merit. He is far from perfect on some issues, but improving relations with Russia, pulling back from regime change wars ,is a good start in my book.

Trump has pulled no punches in his attack on the US  Deep State, the Media which is their tool, the CIA, TTIP and NAFTA trade agreements,which are means to exploit countries and workers.That is a long list of enemies.Paul Mason has joined the complicit Media in this attack and in my book is compromised in any  comment he makes regarding Trump.

The Media are responsible for the series of regime change wars carried out by the US since the 1st Iraq War, THey have supported almost unquestioningly the NeoCon view.The have failed in their duty as the guardians of democracy

In Economics they have not put up any arguments of value against the failed NeoLiberal and austerity policies, which has resulted in privatisations, high unemployment ,homelessness and social inequality.

The mass anti-Trump hysteria generated by the Media,has resulted in demonstrations thru'out the world. No one demonstrator seems to know why they are marching,apart fom being anti -Trump.

It is comical how a crowd can be whipped into a frenzy and  so easily manipulated. These are the propaganda techniques ,perfected by Edward Louis Bernays,nephew of Sigmund Freud and are being used in an attempt to de-legitimize Trumps Presidency and have him impeached and replaced with a more malleable puppet such as his VP Pence.

Expect the anti-Trump propaganda to ratchet up, but let more thoughtful people give him at least a 100 days to show his policies clearly, before making judgements.

In the meantime I am consigning Paul Masons opinions to the garbage can.

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