Why Is Syria Hell on Earth? Here’s the Ugly but True Answer - Zaron Burnett

Hafez al-Assad

If you catch news of the Syrian conflict, it seems like a narrative that’s knotted and frayed, impossible to untangle. However, it’s not, if you pull on the right thread.

When the world learned that the Syrian government––under orders from President Bashar al-Assad––had (allegedly) dropped bombs of sarin gas on its own people, the news reports defied easy understanding. How could any leader do that to his own people? But if you know the story of Syria, this atrocity is sadly quite predictable. It follows a historic pattern.

To understand why Bashar al-Assad exterminates his own people, you must understand how Bashar values the people of Syria. His people. But before they were his people, they belonged to someone else. To understand the son, one must know the father. The story of the Syrian conflict — a tale of staggering losses of human life, death on a scale that avoids comprehension— is a war story that’s not easy to tell. There’s the factions. The history. The layers of conflict. But, if you wish to answer the question: Why is Syria hell on Earth––why have 320,000 innocent human beings been murdered––to answer why such atrocities occur despite history’s warnings, to get at this story properly, one must start with the father of Basil, and Bashar, and the republic of Syria.


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Comment by Daniel Buckley on June 26, 2017 at 12:20

 The section on Syria ,becomes a hit job on Assad,, similar to the hit jobs on Ghadaffi and Saddam. Neither of them were angels , but controlled a disparate  country with many tribal and faction rivalries.We cannot judge them by Western standards.

The so-called civil war in Syria was another CIA speciality of Hybrid warfare.Using agent provocateurs to create civil disturbance and riot against the local police.  Police brutality is then escalated into an uprising.All this using NGO's  funded by the US agency National Endowment for Democracy, an offshoot of the CIA. This is a well worn strategy evidenced in many Colour Revolution as evidenced in Ukraine ,Libya, Egypt and other   North African nations.It is now being used in Venezuela.

The objectives in Syria are different for the US and its coalition of regime changers.

Turkey wishes to suppress the Kurds and control the Northern corridor to Mosul and its oilfields. This corridoor also controls the Shi'ite crescent of supply from Iran via Syria to the Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Qatar and Saudi (before their falling out) wished to run a gas pipeline to the Syrian coast and on to Europe. This undermines Russian near monopoly of European gas supply and undermines the Russian economy.This  suits US  continuous proxy war against Russia.

Israel has its Oded Yinon Plan to break up Syria and grab parts of it, also to consolidate its illegal hold on the oil rich Golan Heights.

The US long term plan is to subjugate Syria and move on to Iran, and then up to Central Asia to cut and control the High speed train  New Silk Roads from China to Europe. These bypass the US Navy control of the seaborne trade route choke points.

The Silk Road is the greatest threat to US hegemony as it will trade in local currencies and make the dollar reserve currency redundant. US power is based on the reserve dollar currency and finances  their budget via purchase of US Treasury bonds.

NATO's interest in SYRIA is related to its dependence on Russian gas. It seeks an alternative in other supplies and the Qatar gas line would have been an option, others have now arisen in a flud situation in the Gulf.

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