Why is the UK imitating the US prison system?

America now has the biggest prison population in the world. The majority of those behind bars are non-violent offenders, two thirds are African American or Latino. It is a failing system. The UK should pay attention because it's the only country in the western world that's imitating American correctional practices. Why do prisons matter? Because most prisoners will one day walk free and what you do to them behind bars has consequences.

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Comment by sheila simpson on January 15, 2015 at 17:03

So how often do we , as members of the public question the commitment  of those employed in the prison service?

their motivation for entering this employment

the qualifications demanded for the job

the training demanded 

the aptitude of the applicant?

the training involved???

Other occupations  entail  more research on our part

eg...the army, banking, medicine, nursing, teaching, law, etc etc

I  worked as a volunteer in prison service for a short time, I have visited prisons for young offenders, I write and have written to prisoners.

How much is the topic of prisons ever on school curriculums?


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