Could I have some input on this this one please?

Imagine a government that seized control of the legislature, rewrote the rules, ignored democratic convention and told its people it was in their own best interests.

Those who have done such a thing are a list of the world's most crazed despots: Robert Mugabe, Joseph Stalin, Tony Blair . And on the temple of tyrants we can now carve another name: THERESA MAY.

This week she trampled on democracy in her overpriced leopard-print shoes and had the brass neck to say she was doing so in order to PROTECT it.

That she was stealing votes and stifling your right to be heard because it was the only way your vote would count and your voice would matter.

She is now, effectively, ruling by decree. The same method used by Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong-Un and Hugo Chavez (who she constantly tells us is an idol of her opponents) to crush oppression and establish an absolutist state.

This is precisely the issue we thought we settled in 1649 when Charles I was beheaded by a Parliament of his people


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