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Comment by Peter Goble on December 1, 2016 at 22:09

Anna, I think Owen is right to alert us to the human tendency you also describe as normal, which is the tendency to set aside our concerns about Trump's casual extremism in favour of "giving him a chance", acknowledging that he has tapped into genuine worries about the failure of our political systems to tackle inequality, and other feelings of helplessness and disengagement'

I dislike many things about him, but I can't deny his showmanship, his personal magnetism, and his incredible will to win.  These are not in themselves evil attributes.  It is possible, and even probable, that he will deploy his 'charisma' and his ruthlessness for purposes that are dangerous and destructive.  As Owen says, we must remain alert, cool-headed, and speak out against those of his supporters, his 'surrogates' even who do his speaking for him, in unequivocal terms.

The world is not mad, Anna.  Throughout human history humanity has had to confront the forces of totalitarianism and bigotry, and each time we do so we do it better.  Because we know how hard-won our freedoms are, we shall know better how to use them.  Not having answers is a very good starting point for developing them.  Sleep can also help creativity and rational thinking!  I look forward to your joining the work, even the struggle, ahead.  And you should know you have at least two of us who will be at your side.


Comment by Anna Harris on December 1, 2016 at 16:08
Hi Owen, I wonder what you think is 'normal' that we should exclude Trump from? Is it 'normal' for indigenous people to be attacked for protecting their sacred land and water? Is it normal for 3 species to go extinct every hour? Is it normal to spend more on arms to kill people than to keep them healthy? Is it normal for the human race to be committing suicide by refusing to give up using fossil fuels? Don't you realise that this whole human society is insane and we are all implicated, trapped in supporting it. We think insanity is normal, actually it has been accepted as such, and now people are waking up. For me it's a relief that people are worried. This is a very dark time, but it has been dark for a long while, as long as profits were put before caring for people. Now we see clearly the direction we are going. Don't have any answers, but better to be awake than asleep.

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